Lip spa

Ever since I started blogging I found my self putting on lippies several times in a day, or an hour only for a simple tutorial, where the light was playing up and not letting the colour show the way it looks.

So here is what I do, I start with removing whatever lipstick I have on. Then I scrub my lips with my home made lip scrub.

Wipe off the scrub. And put on a thick layer of honey on your lip, if you have been using matte lippies this will provide the much needed hydration. The lipscrub does have some honey, but this is lip spa remember. So pamper your self.

Wipe the honey off with a damp towel (dipped in warm water). This will further exfoliate your lips. Now just apply some lip balm. And smile away.

Here are my own lip spa ingredients


PS- If you want to plump up your lips, just add some powdered cinnamon in the lipscrub and leave the scrub on for 5 - 10 mins extra. It will create a slightly tingly feeling that is your lips plumping. However if you feel it is stinging you too strongly, just wipe it off.


  1. i had never known of the cinnamon tip before. will try it soon.
    great post. happy blogging sweets!

  2. ya cinnamon basically creates a tingling sensation, and your body thinks there is pain in that part of your body, as a result blood rushes to your lips.. it is a good tip. do try.

  3. Hi! I was looking online on how to make lip scrubs and lip balms and stumbled upon your blog. It's really cute! I had just one query.. Where do you get these little containers to put this scrub/balm in? Oh I stay in chennai by the way... Thanks in advance!

  4. hey you can find these containers at specialised plastic shops, those that sell everything from buckets to spray bottles, or a big shop that sells utensils and stocks plastic jars will also keep small sized plastic jars. i buy mine from utensil shops , they keep a lot of cute little jars nowadays as people carry things in smaller quantities..


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