My skin care specialists

I am a self confessed herbal fanatic and these days my entire skincare regime is centered around 3 herbal products.

Shahnaz Husain sunscreen in SPF 40 (for oily skin)
Lotus herbals Aloe Hydra
Lotus Herbals Alpha Moist

I have a super oily skin, and these are my go to products.

When I have to go out for say a late night coffee or dessert and do not want a base on my skin , but want my skin to look good. I mix some aloe hydraa and alpha moist , apply it on my bare skin. And I am good to go. It gives my skin a fresh , dewy and hydrated feel.

I swear by the Shahnaz Hussain suncreen which claims to be non oily. It indeed is non oily, however blending it is a bit of a pain. It can leave a whitish cast, because it contains some clay in it (looks like really thick calamine if you ask me). However it is moisturising enough to make my skin stay hydrated all day long. However if you want your skin to stay matte, you will need to use a powder.

Alpha moist is an oil free moisturiser. Gets absorbed quickly, can make your face look a little shiny. You need to wait it out a few minutes , for the shine to subside by itself. However this is great if you are going to be in the AC and need some serious hydration. If you are going to be in the AC for a longish time, I would say skip the powder. Just this moisturiser is good to keep your skin looking fresh. The only downside to this moisturiser is its pump dispenser. Some time some lotion dries up in the pump, and comes out all stringy and lumpy. However for the kind of product this is , I love it to death.

Another secret tip is that for my nightly coffee outings I find great joy in mixing my moisturiser and /or my aloe hydra gel with a drop or two of almond oil, i often massage this mix on my skin. It spreads nicer, makes my skin feel really nourished and plumped up. And when I am back home I only splash water on my face. Dab dry and am ready to go off to bed. In case I am not feeling too lazy, I splash my face with water, and follow up with a rich moisturiser or some pure cucumber or aloevera gel (the kind you get in the chemist's shop).


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