Tomato face pack - A mini facial

Since I keep giving numerous recipes for home made packs, and almost never share pics, here is my attempt at convincing you guys that these packs work. So here I am going to attempt to discuss the pack that I love so much, and it is all natural, easy to make, and super for oily skin.So here is how to do a simple cleanup for oily skin. And the best part is you do not have to do any thing other than applying one simple pack. (PS I forgot to take a before photo , so there is little by way of comparison.)

Start with steaming your face so that the pores are opened up, using a cotton wool dipped in any cleansing lotion, or even plain milk cleanse your skin. Now splash some water (preferably warm) on your face. Dab dry.

Now for the face pack. The tomato face pack is super easy to make, just chop half a tomato and make a paste in the mixer. Add some fuller's earth (multani mitti) to help it stay on your skin as well as absorb excess oil. You can add some citrus peel powder to give it super brightening properties. Tomatoes contain lycopene, and they are pretty capable of brightening your skin, helping with pigmentation (as it works as a mild bleach).

The pack will look something like this. It will be a little drippy due to tomato being super rich in natural liquid.

Also you just need to apply a thin layer. Allow it to dry a bit (10-20 mins max) , but not too much, your skin should feel taut but not stretched. A simple indicator is when you smile , there should be no lines formed in your pack. However it is not a good idea to smile too much with a face pack on. You need to be still. That is basically how dry I let my own pack get.

Wash the pack off with warm water. If you have blackheads, then moisten your pack with water, and massage it in circular motion for 2-3 minutes and then wash off.

I followed this up with home made toner. As I wanted to show you how my lippies looked on me. You could use some aloe vera gel as a moisturiser.

The face pack immediately brightens your skin, and I feel I am ready to face the camera without even a tiny dab of makeup. So the next post will be about a bare face, post this lovely treatment.


  1. hey ..i am gonna try this :)

  2. totally do.. it is super quick and nice.. and has lovely effects.

  3. i simply love your blog dear

  4. hey thanks a lot rentu , this truly means a lot..

  5. it sure looks convincing,,, u shud have also given us a before and after pic.

    nevertheless, I completely vouch for natural stuff over anything else!!

    great post and I am trying it for sure

  6. hey SJ , sadly i didnt take a before pic, but here is the after pic -
    for before though i dont have any now, but will take a picture before i apply any packs so you know what i look like otherwise.. without makeup..

  7. nice write up. also natural face packs are an effective way to look younger safely without any adverse effect. natural face packs


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