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Ek glassy do glassy... (for hair care)

I am of late discovering the joys of drinking beer. Or should I say rediscovering. I used to be a beer loving girl till I felt that beer was getting too much like carbonated water. I restarted drinking beer when I realised it was one of the least damaging alcohols available. Other than the beer belly, it gives you little else.

So here is a how to for a beer rinse cum treatment, for dry hair.

Beer, generally flat beer makes your hair shiny , bouncy and gives it volume. But beer is also alcohol and can dry your hair sooner than you think. So here is a super cool beer recipe that I use. And it works on my dry curly frizzy hair.

Beer - 1 glass
Olive oil- 7-8 drops
Honey - 1/4tsp
Aroma oils - 1-2 drops(optional)

Take flat beer(leave a glass of beer outside, it will be of room temperature and will lack much of the fizz.).

To a glass of beer, add half teaspoon of honey, and 7-8 drops of olive oil and aroma oil say lavender or rosemary if you have dandruff issues. Mix this mixture up wel…

Beauty products from my childhood or Inflation proof wonder products

Remember those sticky and eww smelling creams that somehow were a staple in most Indian homes. Their USP would be their claim to be ayurvedic or antibacterial etc. That is all it took for us to go buy the creams and use them ad nauseum.

All maharashtrian homes had these two crazy ointments, one called 'kailas jeevan' and the other called 'amrut malam'. These were ordered much like grocery, more often than not at our friendly kirana store.

Warning- Nostalgia trip ahead...

Kailas Jeevan had a muddy - sandalwoody smell and was super cool to touch.It instantly cooled you down. The beauty was the cream actually would separate, i.e , some water would collect on top. Yet such was the innocence of the time, that we used the water up as specially good for the stubborn prickly heat. For me summer is memories of kailas jeevan layered on my itchy back. And did it work or what. It still works, and is still as easily available. It is one of the oiliest creams ever. Its watery and oi…

Grandma's hair wash recipe

This is the best shampoo , and contains the typical reetha, shikekai and amla in it. It makes my hair super soft, and keeps the dandruff away. What I love about this is that because it contains no SLES, I can leave this on my scalp for some time and wash it off. Knowing my scalp is clean and there are no side effect like excess drying.

Here I am using the actual ingredients in their dried form, and not their powdered form.

You will need
Reetha - 1 handful
Shikekai - 1/2 handful
Amla - 1 handful
Water - 2 cups (boiled and cooled)

In water that has been boiled and cooled (this was the old generation's way of using distilled water) add all the ingredients and boil the mix. When the mixture comes to a boil, keep it on simmer and let it boil for 10 more minutes. Remove it from heat. Strain the mixture and mash the ingredients as they will have softened by boiling. You do not have to make a pulp, but mash it just so it will release some more of the herbal goodness into the solution. No…

Loving lippies

I remember a time when I always wanted to wear lipstick. That to me was a marker of growing up. It was a sign that I was now an adult and allowed to have my own makeup. And then I realised that no one around me was wearing any lipstick.Everyone was using gloss. No one even used lipstick to get their gloss to last longer. I was nearly heartbroken.

I was young and felt that sticking out too much was not a good thing to do. But I loved lipsticks, the brighter the better. This is before Maybelline, Oriflame or Avon were brands I knew about. I had no idea about texture, staying power , pigmentation. All I knew is I wanted brightly coloured lips and now I know why. The minute I wear a bright lipstick, my makeup is almost complete. It makes my skin glow, lips pop and eyes sparkle. Sounds like I am making it up, but it does.

Dont believe me do you , I will put up some pics, of makeup looks I have done just to show you how much I depend on lipsticks.

See here the retro glam look was made to…

And yet again there is no help at hand..

Angry with what happened. As someone who has grown up in Bombay, loved every minute of it. Felt the independence and freedom moving around in the night, knowing I was safe. I want to say this out loud, that this is just unacceptable. What made it worse was the news coverage. People talking about the Bombay spirit. And I was aghast that people still talk like that.

The reason for the proverbial spirit is not because we are all tough cookies, but because we know that not going to work is not an option. Because we know that very rarely does support from other places come our way. Bombay is a throng of people who know that when push comes to shove, they will be left all alone and vulnerable.

Isnt it something that no minister felt the need to come to Bombay after the blasts. No one felt that hand holding was in order. Come to think of it the only terrorist attack everyone remembers is when they held Taj at ransom. Dont get me wrong. But I have always felt a distinction in the grief of e…

Idli and plum facial for oily skin

Yes it is as odd as it sounds. Idli can work wonders on your skin and how. Well not idli so much as idli batter. It is granular enough to clean your skin and gentle enough to not cause any harm. It did make my skin softer. So here is how I do it.

You will need
For the scrub
Idli batter*- 2 tsps
Green tea powder - 1 tsp (just grind regular green tea leaves, and voila)
Kaolin clay/ Fuller's earth - 1 tsp
Hot water - 2 tsps
For the replenishing Mask
Plum- 1
Dried Figs- 2
Dried Dates- 2
Honey -1tsp

Mix all the ingredients for the scrub together, add hot water to the mixture to get the green tea powder to release all its goodness into the mixture. Leave this mixture for 2-3 mins before you apply it to your face, just to give the tea some time to brew. Apply this mixture on a lightly steamed face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Then moisten the pack and start scrubbing in circular motions and wash the pack off.

For the mask soak figs and dates in warm water till they soften. If you a…

Hair spa - Protein and Herbal treatment

Today I will talk about a simple deep moisturising hair spa. It is simple, it combines most of what you already know and it helps. But it also can get a little smelly.

You will need
Eggs - 2 (1 if your hair is small)
Hibiscus (red shoe-flower) leaves - 10- 20
Hibiscus flowers -2
Tulsi(basil)leaves - 10
Lentil stock - 1 cup

Grind hibiscus and tulsi leaves and the flowers too and apply the paste on your scalp. You can strain the juice and just massage with the juice too. Leave this mixture on your scalp for 30- 40 mins. Tulsi kills the germs and does the job of an astringent while hibiscus leaves add shine, nourish and help darken your hair. (We all use the flower in hair oil, the leaf is just as good if not better.) The flower adds a nice tinge to your hair so it is a good idea. This tinge wont interfere with any colouring you have used before, because the flower is not a strong dye.

Once this has been washed off. Apply some lentil stock (water in which any dal has been cooked, you c…

At home hair spa - Henna

I love my hair. I love to hate it too. I have curly wurly frizzy hair. So here is what I do to make my hair feel soft silky and give it a bit of nourishment. Here is the henna- version of the hair spa. I will do a follow up on egg version and fruit version shortly.

Things you need for this
Henna powder- 3 tbsp
Amla powder - 4 tsp
Curd - 3 tsp
Biotique's musk hair pack (optional- i am using it to make my hair smell pleasant)-1/2 tsp
Hot water/ tea- to make a paste
Neem powder - 2 tsp (for those who have dandruff and other scalp infections)

Mix henna powder, amla powder , musk hair pack and curd. Add some boiling hot water to this (use tea if you want the colour to be more vibrant.)

I make this into a soupy textured mixture. I use this largely for my scalp. This feeds my scalp well and keeps it happy. Keeps the skin happy.

This is the collage of all ingredients and the final product. Sorry forgot to click pictures of the curd and hot water I added into the mix. The last image sho…