And yet again there is no help at hand..

Angry with what happened. As someone who has grown up in Bombay, loved every minute of it. Felt the independence and freedom moving around in the night, knowing I was safe. I want to say this out loud, that this is just unacceptable. What made it worse was the news coverage. People talking about the Bombay spirit. And I was aghast that people still talk like that.

The reason for the proverbial spirit is not because we are all tough cookies, but because we know that not going to work is not an option. Because we know that very rarely does support from other places come our way. Bombay is a throng of people who know that when push comes to shove, they will be left all alone and vulnerable.

Isnt it something that no minister felt the need to come to Bombay after the blasts. No one felt that hand holding was in order. Come to think of it the only terrorist attack everyone remembers is when they held Taj at ransom. Dont get me wrong. But I have always felt a distinction in the grief of elite few, and the middle classes. The candle lit vigils did not go to CST, but chose the waterfront. It is probably because those who were affected by blasts in the trains, at stations, near busy business districts were just one of the many.

As a part of this multitude, the kind that feels the strength in knowing there are people who will help you out, they might be the crowd , making your train journey a bit more difficult. But in times of trouble, they will lend you a helping hand.

That to me is Bombay. The crowd that helps each other , because they know there is little sense in waiting for help that never arrives. The left wing and the right, the centre and the federal all the governments have been just like each other in this regard. I dont blame the police, no I dont. The intelligence services don't exactly call up the local police patrolling a railway station , they call up some people at top most rungs. The tragedy lies in the fact that Zaveri Bazaar , after numerous attacks on it, and countless failed attempts, still remains a soft target.

The average Bombayite is angry and scared. But who is listening. Who cares. The average Bombayite probably has made his/her peace with dying in the city, growing old in the city is probably not an option.


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