At home hair spa - Henna

I love my hair. I love to hate it too. I have curly wurly frizzy hair. So here is what I do to make my hair feel soft silky and give it a bit of nourishment. Here is the henna- version of the hair spa. I will do a follow up on egg version and fruit version shortly.

Things you need for this
Henna powder- 3 tbsp
Amla powder - 4 tsp
Curd - 3 tsp
Biotique's musk hair pack (optional- i am using it to make my hair smell pleasant)-1/2 tsp
Hot water/ tea- to make a paste
Neem powder - 2 tsp (for those who have dandruff and other scalp infections)

Mix henna powder, amla powder , musk hair pack and curd. Add some boiling hot water to this (use tea if you want the colour to be more vibrant.)

I make this into a soupy textured mixture. I use this largely for my scalp. This feeds my scalp well and keeps it happy. Keeps the skin happy.

This is the collage of all ingredients and the final product. Sorry forgot to click pictures of the curd and hot water I added into the mix. The last image should give you a sense of the soupiness of the mix.

If your hair is super dry , just add some extra curd. I have curly dry hair and the proportions given above suit me.

I will also let you in on the secret principle behind this spa therapy, henna is indeed quite drying , but henna has its pluses. So if you make a soupy henna mixture that is enough for your hair to absorb the colour, but not enough to dry it out then this is a jackpot tip. What say.

Another thing I have learnt through my hair experiments is that your hair ends do not need the henna. So spare them the agony. Just apply this mixture to your scalp and literally massage it into your roots. It will be just enough to get hair closest to the scalp stick to the scalp due to the henna pack. But it should not be so much that it drips to your hair ends.

While your scalp soaks in the goodness of henna, on your hair ends apply 2 tsps of honey , diluted in 1 tsp of hot water, you may add some essential oil, like lavender. Wear a shower cap to let your hair and scalp soak in the goodness of it all.

Leave this mixture on for 30 mins to an hour. Wash off. Use a mild shampoo, or if you have the next day free, do not use a shampoo. This helps henna give your hair the necessary tinge. Trust me when I say if you want to colour your hair with henna, do not shampoo the henna off. Shampoo washes off the colour and how. If you must, use some conditioner. But the best is to wash this mix off with lots of water and shampoo it off the next day.


  1. Informative post. I`m now a follower. Is it true that once you have used henna, you can never EVER dye your hair with hair color? Also, if you like indulging(pun intended :) in fragrances, do visit my new blog.

  2. Your new follower :D
    Your blog is very informative, thanks for sharing all good things with us. Do visit me at www.beautydivaindia.blogspot.comYour new follower :D
    Your blog is very informative, thanks for sharing all good things with us. Do visit me at

  3. @pandora's box- yes i love fragrances.. as for dying your hair with henna and using other chemical colours, the general rule is to give your hair 3 months odd without henna before you go in for a normal/ chemical dye. The reason being , henna does leave a tinge behind, and often it is used to dye your hair , chemical colours contain some bleaching agent or the other and interfere with the colours, creating a strange concoction on your hair , not to mention a strange colour that you never prepared your self for.
    @beauty diva- had read your blog before, nice to see u around. i am following u too.

  4. Ooooh that really would be a disaster.Thanks for the detailed info and welcome to my blog :)

  5. if u have chemically coloured hair , you can still put some henna , but once u put henna do not use chemical colours on ur hair for 3 months

  6. Heya....
    nice hair spa yaar.
    Happy blogging!!


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