Ek glassy do glassy... (for hair care)

I am of late discovering the joys of drinking beer. Or should I say rediscovering. I used to be a beer loving girl till I felt that beer was getting too much like carbonated water. I restarted drinking beer when I realised it was one of the least damaging alcohols available. Other than the beer belly, it gives you little else.

So here is a how to for a beer rinse cum treatment, for dry hair.

Beer, generally flat beer makes your hair shiny , bouncy and gives it volume. But beer is also alcohol and can dry your hair sooner than you think. So here is a super cool beer recipe that I use. And it works on my dry curly frizzy hair.

Beer - 1 glass
Olive oil- 7-8 drops
Honey - 1/4tsp
Aroma oils - 1-2 drops(optional)

Take flat beer(leave a glass of beer outside, it will be of room temperature and will lack much of the fizz.).

To a glass of beer, add half teaspoon of honey, and 7-8 drops of olive oil and aroma oil say lavender or rosemary if you have dandruff issues. Mix this mixture up well. And apply generously on your hair and scalp. Cover your hair with a showercap. Leave the mix on for 10 mins.

I dont like my hair smelling too much of beer, so I rinse this mix off using lukewarm water. Also rinsing it off, helps wash off any sediments, and the drying alcohol in your hair. However a bit of alcohol works as a clarifying shampoo and removes buildup.

Say hello to shiny bouncy hair.

In case you are looking for beachy waves and do not want to spend on expensive spritzes, and dont want salt in your hair either. I use plain flat beer, (add olive oil if you find your hair dry) and spray it on my hair. I tie a plait and blow dry it. Or leave the plait till I get to the beach. Then I undo plait to reveal messy curly beachy hair. Beer gives it the volume and shine, with a bit of stiffness , just enough to help maintain your hair texture.


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