Hair spa - Protein and Herbal treatment

Today I will talk about a simple deep moisturising hair spa. It is simple, it combines most of what you already know and it helps. But it also can get a little smelly.

You will need
Eggs - 2 (1 if your hair is small)
Hibiscus (red shoe-flower) leaves - 10- 20
Hibiscus flowers -2
Tulsi(basil)leaves - 10
Lentil stock - 1 cup

Grind hibiscus and tulsi leaves and the flowers too and apply the paste on your scalp. You can strain the juice and just massage with the juice too. Leave this mixture on your scalp for 30- 40 mins. Tulsi kills the germs and does the job of an astringent while hibiscus leaves add shine, nourish and help darken your hair. (We all use the flower in hair oil, the leaf is just as good if not better.) The flower adds a nice tinge to your hair so it is a good idea. This tinge wont interfere with any colouring you have used before, because the flower is not a strong dye.

Once this has been washed off. Apply some lentil stock (water in which any dal has been cooked, you can use the dal for your dal tadka, just that when boiling or pressure cooking the dal do not add any asafoetida or oil or salt. just boil the dal in plain water). This protein treatment is for all those who hate the smell of eggs. It does give a lovely shine to your hair. Leave the solution on your hair for 20 mins. And just rinse off. Use shikekai water if you must , you may also shampoo your hair off, just ensure you use a mild shampoo. And yes you can skip conditioner.

If you are pressed for time (and who isnt) you can apply both these things together, apply the tulsi and hibiscus juice to your scalp and the lentil stock to your hair ends.

Some times lentil stock gives a slight stiffness to your hair (largely a result of not washing it off properly and running out of the bath in a hurry). In such a case just scrunch your hair with a few drops of olive oil and enjoy some natural shine and hold.
(The solids that remain from the ground leaves can be steeped in boiling water to which shikekai and/or aritha has been added.You may use this solution to wash your hair when you have not had the time to oil it. )


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