Idli and plum facial for oily skin

Yes it is as odd as it sounds. Idli can work wonders on your skin and how. Well not idli so much as idli batter. It is granular enough to clean your skin and gentle enough to not cause any harm. It did make my skin softer. So here is how I do it.

You will need
For the scrub
Idli batter*- 2 tsps
Green tea powder - 1 tsp (just grind regular green tea leaves, and voila)
Kaolin clay/ Fuller's earth - 1 tsp
Hot water - 2 tsps
For the replenishing Mask
Plum- 1
Dried Figs- 2
Dried Dates- 2
Honey -1tsp

Mix all the ingredients for the scrub together, add hot water to the mixture to get the green tea powder to release all its goodness into the mixture. Leave this mixture for 2-3 mins before you apply it to your face, just to give the tea some time to brew. Apply this mixture on a lightly steamed face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Then moisten the pack and start scrubbing in circular motions and wash the pack off.

For the mask soak figs and dates in warm water till they soften. If you are in a hurry , just use hot water and in 15 mins odd you will find figs and dates softening. By dried dates I mean the soft dried date fruit, i.e not the fresh fruit nor the super dry hard wrinkly version of the fruit. In a mixer blend the flesh of plum with softened flesh of dates and figs, add a teaspoon of honey. (You can use a sieve to blend the fruits together as well as they are pretty easy to blend by hand, I used a mixer to save time.) Apply this mask to your freshly scrubbed face and wash off in 20 mins.

This facial is perfect for oily skinned girls. The first step removes all the extra oil and scrubs off blackheads, whiteheads, while the mask hydrates and nourishes without making the skin oily. The scrub does feel a bit drying and therefore should be used in conjunction with the plum mask.

*For those who do not know, idli is steamed rice dumplings very popular in South India. You need one part udad dal and three parts rice soaked in water for 8-10 hours and then ground to a fine paste. The ground mixture too should be left in a warm place to ferment. Its the fermentation that gives the batter the glow giving properties. (A lot of shops sell freshly made idli batter that only needs to be fermented)

Sincere apologies for not having pics for this post.. used some generic ones that popped up from google search.


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