Loving lippies

I remember a time when I always wanted to wear lipstick. That to me was a marker of growing up. It was a sign that I was now an adult and allowed to have my own makeup. And then I realised that no one around me was wearing any lipstick.Everyone was using gloss. No one even used lipstick to get their gloss to last longer. I was nearly heartbroken.

I was young and felt that sticking out too much was not a good thing to do. But I loved lipsticks, the brighter the better. This is before Maybelline, Oriflame or Avon were brands I knew about. I had no idea about texture, staying power , pigmentation. All I knew is I wanted brightly coloured lips and now I know why. The minute I wear a bright lipstick, my makeup is almost complete. It makes my skin glow, lips pop and eyes sparkle. Sounds like I am making it up, but it does.

Dont believe me do you , I will put up some pics, of makeup looks I have done just to show you how much I depend on lipsticks.

See here the retro glam look was made totally by a lipstick..

I am even guilty as charged of loving red lipstick to death. I am always looking for a red, of late I am buying pinks too, and there too it is all kinds.

So here are some of the crazy red lips photos

I must say I am loving the pinks, they almost make me look super tanned. And fresh. Very summery. I almost feel like lost somewhere between innocent childlike world and the adult subdued world with pink lips.

Here is the summery look, my flash went a bit wonky, but the pink , which was almost nude, just made me look so different than I always do.

So all you gloss lovers out there, give lipsticks a chance. I promise you they will never let you down. A shade for each day you feel like a different person, all you need is a basic red, pink, wine/plum, brown, and a golden or silver lippie to make your lips party ready. A nude lippie will keep you looking polished for work, while a red one will give you the elegance you may need for a wedding, or the rocker chic look for a night out and pink will sway between the crazy party girl with pink lips to the pretty girl next door look.


  1. You look great!!!! The first one is fab :D

  2. My my you look gorgeous in red. Great post. I`m guilty of loving glosses more than lipsticks too. You are right, lipsticks make more of a statement. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @rakshanda - thanks a ton
    @pandora - I know what you mean. Do try lipsticks, they are pretty magical. Much like your username.


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