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Trend I am loving right now - Nude nails

The trend that I am loving right now is nude nails, and I know I probably missed the bus, this trend was in a long time back and I am super late to join in. But I somehow must make it very clear that I have always loved nude nails, nails that look enhanced but not coloured. Ideally I should have done a nude nail post in summer and a bright nail post now, in the dreary mucky yucky monsoon. But cant help.

I found a great nude in Street Wear 'Nothing'. Images will follow soon. But this post is about the trend.

Simply Stephy, has done a perfect nude nails post here.

This is a high maintenance look though, it needs moisturised cuticles, mid length rounded off nails. But the results are superb. Your fingers are lengthened, hands look sophisticated and above all, make your hands look younger. A topcoat adds the necessary glam factor to nude nails.

It is a high maintenance thing. But I sure do love it. Psst - It is one look that goes great on short nails, no need to grow them out.

Pond’s Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam - Review

Ponds used to be the company that made cold creams for most of us. Slowly they began making face washes, specialised creams , anti aging formulas and what not. I had not really given their face washes a try, having been disappointed by their earlier version of face wash that smelled like my dad's shaving cream, came in a green tube, was impossible to wash off as it was super soapy. I almost pledged never to use Ponds face washes again.

So what changed, simply put, I was looking for a face wash that I could carry in my handbag, and that would take care of a day's worth of oil production and Pond’s Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam seemed like it would deliver.So I got it.

It claims to absorb oil and keep it away all day. Personally it is a tall claim to make. Here is my review of it

Does what it promises, takes away all the oil from your face.
Works like a makeup remover on days when I am in a hurry. Just take some on a damp cotton and apply all over. Leave fo…

The Radiant Skin look

I have raved and raved about my love for red lippies, and given a thousand ways of using it. Today I will talk about the polar opposite, my other favourite look. It is the clean skin look. When you have clean skin, the kind that looks freshly scrubbed (well lets accept it , because it indeed is) teemed up with a very light base if the need be. That to me is a look in itself, you can dress this up by doing a lovely eye makeup and nude lip, or keep it simple by using a nice rosy pink lipstick and a kajal pencil/ eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes.

But this look takes a fair bit of effort to make it look like you were born looking that good. So I am going to divulge my steps for creating the scrubbed clean look. The word you want people to think of when they see you is radiant.

A reference image you should have is (I know its a tall order , but it is only a reference point so that you know when to stop putting on base)

Start with cleansing your face and neck, with cleansing milk.

At home lash growth

Here is a quick tip. If you want your lashes and/or brows to grow super thick, or be luscious. Just take a mix of castor oil and olive oil on a mascara wand. (vega makes some reasonably priced ones)Apply it on your lashes before going to sleep. The wand ensures better application, uses less oil, so you dont wake up with an oil slick on your face.

For day time, just mix 4 drops of olive oil and castor oil mix (1:1)with half a teaspoon of aloevera gel, and add two three drops of eye drops. Use this as a transparent mascara. It actually gives your lash volume and is chemical free. You must store this in a cool dark place, and throw it off every week as it is a preservative free formula.

Back to beauty basics - Vitamin E treatment for dry hair

Sorry for the long disappearance from the blogosphere. But I put the blame partly on my internet service provider who chose to simply disrupt the service.

Anyhow it has been back to the beauty basics for me. I have been using the good old trusty Boroline as a cuticle cream , and has it worked or what. It has softened my half eaten cuticles, allowed me to push them back without any pain. It has been truly a miracle worker.

However this is about an even simpler cure that seems to be keeping my hair happy. Endless hours in the AC were driving my hair mad. It was getting dry and rough. Feeling like it would break off at the first instance. So here is what I did. I mixed a few oils warmed them up real well, broke two vitamin- e capsules into the mix and applied to my hair. I literally soaked my hair in this mix because my hair had begun to get super dry. I then took some steam, concentrating the steam on my hair ends rather than scalp. Washed my hair off with regular shampoo after that. …