At home lash growth

Here is a quick tip. If you want your lashes and/or brows to grow super thick, or be luscious. Just take a mix of castor oil and olive oil on a mascara wand. (vega makes some reasonably priced ones)Apply it on your lashes before going to sleep. The wand ensures better application, uses less oil, so you dont wake up with an oil slick on your face.

For day time, just mix 4 drops of olive oil and castor oil mix (1:1)with half a teaspoon of aloevera gel, and add two three drops of eye drops. Use this as a transparent mascara. It actually gives your lash volume and is chemical free. You must store this in a cool dark place, and throw it off every week as it is a preservative free formula.


  1. Excellent tip! I'll try this for office tomorrow!
    ♥ Sukanya


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