Back to beauty basics - Vitamin E treatment for dry hair

Sorry for the long disappearance from the blogosphere. But I put the blame partly on my internet service provider who chose to simply disrupt the service.

Anyhow it has been back to the beauty basics for me. I have been using the good old trusty Boroline as a cuticle cream , and has it worked or what. It has softened my half eaten cuticles, allowed me to push them back without any pain. It has been truly a miracle worker.

However this is about an even simpler cure that seems to be keeping my hair happy. Endless hours in the AC were driving my hair mad. It was getting dry and rough. Feeling like it would break off at the first instance. So here is what I did. I mixed a few oils warmed them up real well, broke two vitamin- e capsules into the mix and applied to my hair. I literally soaked my hair in this mix because my hair had begun to get super dry. I then took some steam, concentrating the steam on my hair ends rather than scalp. Washed my hair off with regular shampoo after that. And voila my hair was super moisturised.

The flipside is my hair still was oily, after shampooing twice, I almost didnt know what to do. I even went to work with oily looking hair. But could not really help it. A wash later, my hair was perfect. It has remained perfect for the whole week without any hair product in it. It has stayed smooth, fallen less, and pushed me to praise vitamin E to high heavens.

So here is the oil mix ,
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp castor oil
1 tsp sesame oil
2 Vitamin E capsules
2 -3 drops of Eucalyptus oil

Heat the oils together for a minute, and break in vitamin E capsules, and add the eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus conceals a mediciney/fishy smell that vitamin E capsules often have and also helps take care of your dandruff. Massage this oil in your scalp and make sure the ends are covered with the oil too. Now take a regular steamer(the kind you use to clear your nose up) and steam your hair ends. You will notice that after the first burst of steam, you will notice your ends have already absorbed most of the oil. Mine did. Thats how dry they were. Then apply a fresh layer of oil to your hair ends and continue to steam.

Ensure you do not steam your hair for more than 5 mins. Keep taking breaks in between steaming session. So steam for one min, and pause for two, you do not want too much heat burning your hair or scalp. You want gentle heat.

Wear a shower cap and leave the oil on for 30- 40 mins and then wash it off. It works.

Other variations that work when you are pressed for time, is to break a vitamin E capsule in a teaspoon or two of conditioner and half teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Leave this mix on freshly shampooed hair for 2-5 minutes.


  1. I've tried this and it always worked!You could even add 1 tsp of coconut oil and a few drops of lemon. I've blogged of a similar recipe and it helps dandruff-riddance as well! Liked your post


  2. o thanks.. wow.. should try it . somehow when i use a lemon rinse, i lose hair like mad. i am probably doing it wrong.. can you tell me how do you do a lemon final rinse.

    will definitely try it with coconut oil and lemon.

    thanks a lot sukanya for the compliments.

  3. hey sukanya... love ur blog.. i am following u .. but somehow cannot post comments. and the text area appears greyish. i would really love to post some comments to some of your super posts.

  4. oh..i just tried i'm not havin an issue with posting comments..but i'll try seeing wat's wrng..thnx!! :)

  5. Hi :) my hair is super dry :| nice blog followin u :)

  6. sure shweta do try and let me know

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