The Radiant Skin look

I have raved and raved about my love for red lippies, and given a thousand ways of using it. Today I will talk about the polar opposite, my other favourite look. It is the clean skin look. When you have clean skin, the kind that looks freshly scrubbed (well lets accept it , because it indeed is) teemed up with a very light base if the need be. That to me is a look in itself, you can dress this up by doing a lovely eye makeup and nude lip, or keep it simple by using a nice rosy pink lipstick and a kajal pencil/ eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes.

But this look takes a fair bit of effort to make it look like you were born looking that good. So I am going to divulge my steps for creating the scrubbed clean look. The word you want people to think of when they see you is radiant.

A reference image you should have is (I know its a tall order , but it is only a reference point so that you know when to stop putting on base)

Start with cleansing your face and neck, with cleansing milk.

If you have oily skin , follow this up with a mud pack that works as a scrub. Or simply just mix the two and apply it in a thin layer. (I mix St Ives Apricot Scrub which is super oily with Multani mitti or any other clay). When the pack dries, wash it off with warm water. Dry skinned girls make sure you use a gentle scrub which doesn't dry up your skin.

After this, apply some plain aloe vera gel regardless of your skin type. The gel provides hydration and plumps up the skin. It will ensure your skin looks hydrated.

Wash the gel off with cold water, this will close your pores, and make larger pores appear smaller. In case large pores have been bothering you , you may want to keep an ice pack handy. Just wrap a few cubes of ice in a handkerchief, or any thin cloth and use this to dab your skin for 2 mins or so. You can use the ice pack after applying the compact to set it better.

Now on the back of your hand mix some foundation with a shimmery lotion or a shimmer powder (if the look is for a night out) or a dot of aloe vera gel if you are going to step out in the sun. Mix the two together, and using a foundation brush apply the foundation on your face and neck. Do apply some on your ears too.
The brush is going to ensure smooth application and the mixture of gel is going to give you a dewy and lighter foundation.

Apply some cream blush on the apple of your cheeks. This is what makes the look truly fresh, conceal all the spots, under eye area, mouth and chin.

Using a large fluffy powder blush apply your compact. This ensures that the base never looks cakey or overdone. If you have comparatively blemish free skin , use the ice pack very lightly, just enough to remove the chalkiness/ talcishness of your powder and voila you are done. You can use facial mist too.

Apply lippie and/or eye liner. Or skip makeup all together.


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