Pond’s Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam - Review

Ponds used to be the company that made cold creams for most of us. Slowly they began making face washes, specialised creams , anti aging formulas and what not. I had not really given their face washes a try, having been disappointed by their earlier version of face wash that smelled like my dad's shaving cream, came in a green tube, was impossible to wash off as it was super soapy. I almost pledged never to use Ponds face washes again.

So what changed, simply put, I was looking for a face wash that I could carry in my handbag, and that would take care of a day's worth of oil production and Pond’s Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam seemed like it would deliver.So I got it.

It claims to absorb oil and keep it away all day. Personally it is a tall claim to make. Here is my review of it

Does what it promises, takes away all the oil from your face.
Works like a makeup remover on days when I am in a hurry. Just take some on a damp cotton and apply all over. Leave for a minute and then start removing the makeup.
Has blue coloured granules that work as a scrub.
Has a mild smell, did not remind me of shaving cream and that is a plus.
A little goes a super long way, need less than half a pea sized amount to battle the greasiest of faces.
The packaging is sleek and makes it super easy to carry around.
Perfect on days when you have no time to come back home and redo your face. This refreshes you and gives you a clean canvas to put your makeup and all in 3 mins flat.

As an oily skinned person, there were days when I found it too drying.
You need to use an oil free cream if you are using this, it leaves the skin ever so slightly stretchy. *
Needs a lot of water to rinse out. Is it just me or do most of Ponds face washes take tonnes of water to wash off.

A small tube costs 75 rs. But since I need to use very little at a go, it is well worth the price, in fact it is one of the cheapest face washes ever.

*Since my skin was super oily, I just waited for 5 mins, applied some rose water and the stretchy feeling was gone.

Final Recco- For all oily skinned girls this is a good thing to use on days when you have little to no time to zap the oiliness. However I would not encourage using it as your daily face wash for washing your face twice a day.
I do wish it was without those scrubbing beads, as it would be easier to get it to remove my eye makeup.


  1. i use macs cleanse off oil. but ponds sounds amazing.


  2. I was tempted to try this out, but I bought the light blue lidded one instead as it's for acne-prone skin. It's ok, but nothing great. Glad I didn't buy this one, it would have made my sensitive skin smart.

  3. @nana - mac tends to be super professional and expensive, so i dont know how ponds will compare. But yes it takes makeup off like a dream. however since it is so drying i dont use this around my eyes.

    @poohkie- this is one face wash you should not buy if you actually dont qualify for the term 'greasy face'. i could feel a slight dryness, and that is saying quite a lot given that i have battled oily skin big time.

  4. ponds foaming ones dry my skin..I like gel based face washes..

  5. i knw bhumika, i am still searching for my HG face wash that doesnt make my skin feel stretchy, yet takes away the oil.


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