Trend I am loving right now - Nude nails

The trend that I am loving right now is nude nails, and I know I probably missed the bus, this trend was in a long time back and I am super late to join in. But I somehow must make it very clear that I have always loved nude nails, nails that look enhanced but not coloured. Ideally I should have done a nude nail post in summer and a bright nail post now, in the dreary mucky yucky monsoon. But cant help.

I found a great nude in Street Wear 'Nothing'. Images will follow soon. But this post is about the trend.

Simply Stephy, has done a perfect nude nails post here.

This is a high maintenance look though, it needs moisturised cuticles, mid length rounded off nails. But the results are superb. Your fingers are lengthened, hands look sophisticated and above all, make your hands look younger. A topcoat adds the necessary glam factor to nude nails.

It is a high maintenance thing. But I sure do love it. Psst - It is one look that goes great on short nails, no need to grow them out.


  1. I love nude nails too. Low maintenance and classy.Ur right it works really well on short nails too. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. i shud knw , since i can barely manage to grow my nails.. and that is wat keeps me away frm dark colours that look good only on mid length nails.


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