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Make hair detangler at home

Wanted to make a leave in conditioner that would keep my hair happy, not be too much of a bother to find in a store or should i say across stores, and would not weigh my hair down.

I came across this video, which set me on the right path, i made the recipe exactly how the lady in the video does, with a few additions. And man do i love my leave in or what.

On the face of it , it seems like a simple recipe, she just mixed conditioner with water, and voila. But there is a lot more to it. Her proportion is pretty spot on, somewhere between 1:4 to 1:5, though the video says it is 1:3, it is far more diluted , or appears to be.

What did I change,

I mixed my aloevera gel, half teaspoon oil, conditioner, hair serum and a deep conditioning masque with a quarter teaspoon honey, and dissolved this in warm water.

PS - It is not easy to remove lumps from a spray bottle, and a lump can damage the spring action of your pump. So just mix all this up in a bowl. Add to a spray bottle, and spray a…

Quick tip - Perfume layering

Something that I do not talk much about on my blog is fragrance. But truth be told, I do love my perfumes. I am addicted to them, I have my favourites, my types even. So here is some thing I do. It lets me play with the fragrance, add my own twist to it, and above all stretch those expensive perfumes for a bit longer.

So here is what I do,
I just mix two fragrances I like and done. Simple, easy, thats it. But wait, if it was that easy why would there be a post about it. Well the post is for some rules of layering fragrances. More guidelines actually, but here they are,

Avoid combining two alcohol based fragrances, they will vaporize too quickly.
For best results combine an oil based fragrance with an alcohol one.
Think of the notes you want to go for, all fragrances consist of notes popularly called the top, middle and bottom notes. (How typical)
A bottom note is basically the smell that lingers, and holds the perfume together, think woodsy musky fragrances. Sandalwood, musk, patc…

The unsung beauties from the 50s

Whenever anyone talks of old hindi films, they always mention the beauty of madhubala, but somehow a lot of other heroines get left out. And quite a few of them undeservedly so.

Yes it is near impossible to do a beauty post about old hindi films without mentioning Madhubala , I am venturing into some of the faces of the old world that have me transfixed at best.

So here is someone who I totally fangirl, and she was not even a main lead. She was just a side heroine. But o was she wonderful or what. She was pretty in a very fresh way. Remember the song Jaane kaha mera jigar gaya ji.. from Mr and Mrs 55 (yes there is madhubala in this film, but yasmine manages to get some attention too.) You can watch the magical song here.

And here is a photo of Yasmin that probably went out as her resume, or a standard photo to be inserted when she was interviewed. Since photographers were few , and the process itself was expensive. Apparently she did no other movie other than this one. Would love t…

Lotus Natural Blend Swift Makeup- Review

So today I will review one of the best foundations for its price, largely since one of the readers of my blog requested it . Indgal I hope this review helps you decide. And it should come as no surprise which one I am talking about to most of the beauty bloggers.

Lotus Herbals has a lovely range of lippies, and is soon transitioning from being a herbal skin care brand to a makeup brand.

What I was looking for in a foundation
I wanted a easy on pocket foundation, for makeup tutes, for use on days I wake up looking and feeling crappy.

Price - 250 Rs.

What I like about the product
It is a near perfect match to my skin. In three shades of stick foundation, what were my chances. But I found something for my dusky and wheatish combined skin tone.
It is super easy to blend. It blends like a dream.
Offers medium coverage. Covers up large pores, uneven pigmentation, and teeny whiteheads.
It does not make my skin too oily. Most stick foundations tend to just make my skin look like a weird …

Dandruff remedies - Henna gravy for hair

So after a quick tip for removing or controlling dandruff, I am back with what I do whenever I get dandruff. It is a super easy tip, a bit time consuming, but it works great.

I make a herbal hair wash , which most Indian households are only too aware of. Then mix this with a spoon of henna powder , and if you can find some neem powder add it in too. In case you can not find neem powder, just take neem leaves and crush them with bare hands, and boil these bruised leaves in the hair wash water.

I then mix the liquid with henna such that it has the texture of a gravy, not too thick and paste like, nor too watery.

Other ingredients that I add in the gravy are
A few drops of eucalyptus oil
Crushed holy basil leaves
Curd - 1/2 tsp

Apply the gravy on your scalp and massage well. Leave the pack on for 20 mins and wash off. This mix washes off easier than just plain henna and water paste. The other natural detergent like ingredients such as ritha and shikakai cleanse your scalp, while hen…

Dandruff problem - Quick Solution

Ever come home to see you suddenly had dandruff. Wanted to run helter skelter and buy everything that says clears dandruff. Well here is a very simple tip that I use and it has never let me down. But let me also tell you , that there are times when my dandruff is maddening, and this is a killer cure for those times. If your dandruff is a few stray flakes, you may just be over reacting and a simple hot oil massage may solve your problem. But if it doesnt here is what you should do.
You need two very basic ingredients that you may already have at home.
Disprin (or any aspirin, paracetamol will do, go for tablets that are meant to be dissolved in water otherwise it will be a time consuming remedy)
Eno antacid powder(antacid - or in absence of all this, just a bit of baking soda)

Take one disprin tablet , add two tablespoons water, a quarter teaspoon shampoo (any mild shampoo is good, avoid those with a strong smell as you want to treat your dandruff, and sometimes skin does react to…

Lakme Lip and Cheek tint - Review ( and a tip to make it work better)

Today I am going to review Lakme lip and cheek tint. I have had a love hate relationship with Lakme. A couple of reasons really

Things I like are always Limited Edition and are promptly discontinued.
Lakme has hiked its prices like mad. Other brands seem a lot more affordable.
The quality needs to improve too.
It is hands down the most inconsistent brand ever. If I buy one shade from shop A and 1 yr down the lane go to shop B and buy the same shade, there is a very high chance the shade wont be the same. This had happened to me twice. Once I bought Lakme's Watermelon, I loved it, it was red-coral with a touch of pink. It was much like its name,i.e. a watermelon. Then a year later I bought it from another store, and it had brown tones, it was a red brown colour. Ever since I am scared of Lakme lippies.

But truth be told I grew up when everyone we knew used Lakme. All my makeup products, which were minimal, one eyeliner(which then switched to lakme kajal) and one lipstick were la…

The 70s look

A while back I wrote a post about films and makeup in 70s. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, so now I am back to telling you that 70s is/ was my favourite decade in terms of fashion and makeup. The is/ was confusion is what the post it about. I grew up thinking that the 70s were all about looking like Zeenat Amaan did in Hare Rama Hare Krishna. It was flower power , hippie, bohemian.

I couldnt be further from truth. And I just needed to see my mom's or aunt's younger day pictures to realise what the 70s looked like. It was probably closer to this.

Probably it is because the fashions came to us a decade later, or bollywood didnt really want a non- sexy actress, though I am thinking she would look super hot even with dreadlocks on. Unwashed formless clothes.

Packing makeup for a beach trip

Sorry for the long hiatus, was in Daman , a land of alcohol, beaches and very hard water. I had to make do with minimal makeup, as it was all packed last minute, and here is what I found I just really needed, and things I could do without.

So the most basic must have is
Sunscreen - I had Shahnaz Hussain Sunscreen which is SPF 40. I shall review it soon. Its a bit of a mixed bag, thick and clay like.

Oil free moisturiser - Alphamoist by Lotus Herbals . If you have dry skin use any normal moisturiser. A day at the beach makes your skin super thirsty and on evenings out just a good moisturiser and some eyeliner and lipstick is all the makeup you need.

Cream Blush - I carried the Bharat and Doris one I had, super natural, made me look fresh and healthy every morning.

Colorbar Shimmer Bar - (for evenings out, highlighting the eyes) Its super multipurpose and works really well as an eyeshadow and a highlighter.

Oil- I used one oil to remove makeup and the same one to oil my hair that wa…