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A while back I wrote a post about films and makeup in 70s. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, so now I am back to telling you that 70s is/ was my favourite decade in terms of fashion and makeup. The is/ was confusion is what the post it about. I grew up thinking that the 70s were all about looking like Zeenat Amaan did in Hare Rama Hare Krishna. It was flower power , hippie, bohemian.

I couldnt be further from truth. And I just needed to see my mom's or aunt's younger day pictures to realise what the 70s looked like. It was probably closer to this.

Probably it is because the fashions came to us a decade later, or bollywood didnt really want a non- sexy actress, though I am thinking she would look super hot even with dreadlocks on. Unwashed formless clothes.

Here is the closest pic, of clothes that I have seen people from that generation wear,

and some I have been crazy enough to actually wear to college though I was not quite yet born in the 70s.The long flowy skirts, a slightly toned down bell bottom. So could a flower power girl, a hippie look like zeenat did in the film. Probably not, the look in the film was a lot more modern, fresh and pretty. In all honesty I loved the look.

Look closely and you will see clean lines, well defined cheeks, eyeliner that was so perfectly drawn that I can bet a make up artist kept refreshing and tidying the line every 5 minutes. The flower girl should have been messier. A pale face with smoky eyes. Think about it , if you were smoking pot, would your makeup and/or skin look like this. It would be a bit more of messy, lived in and i must say a daring look.

I loved her in the film, loved every trend, and above all loved Bollywood's take on a difficult to pull of a trend that can make you look like this

However I do sometimes wish Bollywood had taken the plunge, gone for the no makeup look , or the I slept with my eyeliner on look and dreadlocked or uncombed hair atleast. I am sure Zeenat Aman could pull it off, her face was a great combination of angular and round, you couldnt go wrong with that.

I am still unsure which 70s I like , the hippie, flower power messed up dreadlocked look or the fresher take on it. The pink of health , fresh and well groomed hippie which is a bit of an oxymoron. What do you guys think.


  1. The hippies belonged to a cultural movement in the west in the 70s which came with a kind of fashion. Bollywood has a long tradition of adopting the looks from the west which of course takes sometime to seep in. While the brave hearted fashionistas could carry off outfits like those, for us, the am admi, we had a different and fresher take. :)

    The post is quite interesting!!!

  2. thanks nivedita. yep.. for me wat is exciting is how bollywood mixed 60s and 70s and made something so uniquely theirs.. i do tend to like the bollywood retelling of fashion too.. just sometimes i hope they take more risks.

    i knw abt the fashionista and aam admi point... true true


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