Dandruff problem - Quick Solution

Ever come home to see you suddenly had dandruff. Wanted to run helter skelter and buy everything that says clears dandruff. Well here is a very simple tip that I use and it has never let me down. But let me also tell you , that there are times when my dandruff is maddening, and this is a killer cure for those times. If your dandruff is a few stray flakes, you may just be over reacting and a simple hot oil massage may solve your problem. But if it doesnt here is what you should do.
You need two very basic ingredients that you may already have at home.
Disprin (or any aspirin, paracetamol will do, go for tablets that are meant to be dissolved in water otherwise it will be a time consuming remedy)
Eno antacid powder(antacid - or in absence of all this, just a bit of baking soda)

Take one disprin tablet , add two tablespoons water, a quarter teaspoon shampoo (any mild shampoo is good, avoid those with a strong smell as you want to treat your dandruff, and sometimes skin does react to strong smells) and some eno. Mix it all. You will notice it almost has a scrub like consistency. Apply this mix on your scalp and massage it in. Leave for 15 mins and wash off.. Tada. Cleaner scalp.

How it works, eno is a milder version of baking soda, and has some citric acid too which is mild enough to help balance your scalp's ph balance, it also has soda in it which removes product buildup, often a leading cause of dandruff. Disprin has a bit of salicyclic acid, in a tablet form it is safe enough for topical application.

You can use this once a week till your dandruff subsides. This is whatI use as one off treatment , for longer term you may want to use some herbal , non chemical alternatives, and if the problem persists do see a dermat .


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