Dandruff remedies - Henna gravy for hair

So after a quick tip for removing or controlling dandruff, I am back with what I do whenever I get dandruff. It is a super easy tip, a bit time consuming, but it works great.

I make a herbal hair wash , which most Indian households are only too aware of. Then mix this with a spoon of henna powder , and if you can find some neem powder add it in too. In case you can not find neem powder, just take neem leaves and crush them with bare hands, and boil these bruised leaves in the hair wash water.

I then mix the liquid with henna such that it has the texture of a gravy, not too thick and paste like, nor too watery.

Other ingredients that I add in the gravy are
A few drops of eucalyptus oil
Crushed holy basil leaves
Curd - 1/2 tsp

Apply the gravy on your scalp and massage well. Leave the pack on for 20 mins and wash off. This mix washes off easier than just plain henna and water paste. The other natural detergent like ingredients such as ritha and shikakai cleanse your scalp, while henna and amla nourish your hair, remove skin impurities. If your dandruff is super itchy, and emits a smell, it is probably an infection and you may want to use a handful of neem leaves in this mix.

Use this hair gravy twice a week to see the effects. .


  1. This looks like a great hair mask. but strangely henna kind of dries out my hair :(
    Can I try this minus the henna?

  2. yep shouldnt be a problem. if you have dandruff try steeping the neem leaves in the hair wash. btw u may want to mix your henna with some curd when you apply it next.


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