Lakme Lip and Cheek tint - Review ( and a tip to make it work better)

Today I am going to review Lakme lip and cheek tint. I have had a love hate relationship with Lakme. A couple of reasons really

Things I like are always Limited Edition and are promptly discontinued.
Lakme has hiked its prices like mad. Other brands seem a lot more affordable.
The quality needs to improve too.
It is hands down the most inconsistent brand ever. If I buy one shade from shop A and 1 yr down the lane go to shop B and buy the same shade, there is a very high chance the shade wont be the same. This had happened to me twice. Once I bought Lakme's Watermelon, I loved it, it was red-coral with a touch of pink. It was much like its name,i.e. a watermelon. Then a year later I bought it from another store, and it had brown tones, it was a red brown colour. Ever since I am scared of Lakme lippies.

But truth be told I grew up when everyone we knew used Lakme. All my makeup products, which were minimal, one eyeliner(which then switched to lakme kajal) and one lipstick were lakme.

I bought the lip and cheek tint with much fear and trepidation. But I must say I am not at all disappointed. Of course it is not what it looks like in the ads, but then which product looks just like it does on the model on you. We all know it is different makeup they use always for photoshoots that shows up with all the light settings etc. (India is far way from a no- photoshopped makeup ads stage.)

So here is the low down. My review is largely looking at it as a cheek product, because it doesnt do much for my lips (i have listed it as a con)

What is good
It is amazing colour pay off. A little goes a long way.
The lasting power is pretty good if worn correctly.
Gives you a natural healthy flush look.
Godsent for oily skin, since it comes in a gel format.
Comes in tube, so no fear of dipping fingers.\
The price is really reasonable for the pigmentation and how long one can use it, and will end up using it too.
The product clearly gives its expiry date and it is 2 yrs from mfg date.

What is bad
Do NOT use it on your lips ever. I have never had dry lips problem, but when I apply this , my lips feel papery, start peeling and the colour settles in patches and refuses to budge.
Applying this product is a pain, if I use the brush at the tube's opening, it leaves streaks on my face, if I use my fingers, I find that they have ended up with a big pink- purple stain.
The day I apply this on just moisturised skin, it disappears in minutes. I need to make sure I use some foundation. The thicker the better.*
The tube is half full. (somehow that makes me feel cheated.)
Overall impression- Buy this if you want a cream or gel based blush, and works better if your skin is oily. I get a feeling on dry skin it may get a bit patchy. But thats only a feeling.

Cost - Rs 210.

*I find applying the tint on top of my Lotus Herbals Stick foundation, really makes the colour pop. It also lasts longer.

This is the colour on moisturised skin.

And here is the blush with foundation applied.

It makes a world of a difference as you can see.


  1. wow the color's lukin gorgeous on u and looks great with foundation on! :)

  2. thanks.. i knw..i finished half the tube without discovering the foundation thing. but this was quite the discovery.. now it finally works. tho i read a review where the blogger said that it showed up on her bare skin and not her foundation.. i guess it is case by case.. but it totally value for money.

  3. Great review.It shows better with the foundation on. I don't know why they can't stick to one color formula. What's the use of changing it time and again? Is someone being lazy with the batches and not mixing the right proportions hence the difference in color? Some things remain a mystery :)
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  4. I liked your review ...and yeah thanks for the wonderful tip...very helpful!!

  5. Hi supriya, thanks for the review. Will check this out. Do they have other shades or only one shade?

    Can you also do a review on lotus herbals stick foundation? I am planning to buy it for a long time...

    Thanks and following you now.

    Visit my blog also when you get time :)

  6. thanks indgal.. sadly they make just one shade.. i feel it does work very well on most skin tones.. if u want u can give her two blushes, one jordana bronzer that is matt.. and this liquid blush which is non shimmery so she can decide the colour mix .. will def review the lotus makeup stick.. and certainly shall chk out ur blog.


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