Lotus Natural Blend Swift Makeup- Review

So today I will review one of the best foundations for its price, largely since one of the readers of my blog requested it . Indgal I hope this review helps you decide. And it should come as no surprise which one I am talking about to most of the beauty bloggers.

Lotus Herbals has a lovely range of lippies, and is soon transitioning from being a herbal skin care brand to a makeup brand.

What I was looking for in a foundation
I wanted a easy on pocket foundation, for makeup tutes, for use on days I wake up looking and feeling crappy.

Price - 250 Rs.

What I like about the product
It is a near perfect match to my skin. In three shades of stick foundation, what were my chances. But I found something for my dusky and wheatish combined skin tone.
It is super easy to blend. It blends like a dream.
Offers medium coverage. Covers up large pores, uneven pigmentation, and teeny whiteheads.
It does not make my skin too oily. Most stick foundations tend to just make my skin look like a weird oil slick (Maxfactor I am talking to you).
Forms a perfect base for my other beauty products, and helps them stay longer.
I also use this as an eye and lip primer.
I have oily skin, and this product never broke me out, or caused any trouble.
Easy to remove.
Stays in Mumbai's heat and humidity once set with powder*.

What I do not like about it
It does need some effort to blend it right in. I find this is the quintessential product that will require you to keep practicing till you get your makeup skills right.
The packaging is flimsy and the stick being super creamy begins melting and can break.
This product needs to be set with powder , regardless of your skin type. It is not a 3 in 1 or a 4 in 1 , it is a stick foundation and that is that.
Can look splotchy if not blended nicely or if I skip moisturising before the foundation.

All in all a great product for those who dont mind spending some time in blending it well. I have come to like it, but this makes the use of translucent powder necessary.

Thats how well it matches my skin, I had to really press it heavily on my cheeks to give you a sense of what a swatch looks like.

And here is the foundation blended , a touch of blush , compact and a pink lipstick.


  1. Thank you so much sweet heart. Will Check this out soon :)

  2. You are so pretty. Try blending with fingertips and then use a damp songe, this is how I apply. Can you believe I my about to finish my 2nd stick and have already stocked the 3rd one :P Thanks for your review :DYou are so pretty. Try blending with fingertips and then use a damp songe, this is how I apply. Can you believe I my about to finish my 2nd stick and have already stocked the 3rd one :P Thanks for your review :D

  3. would it clog pores ? it it that oily ?

  4. @indgal - yes you so should check it out.
    @beautydiva - ooo thanku thanku.. blush blush.. will definitely try using the damp sponge.just want to confirm that i should go over the lotus foundation with a damp sponge , then set with powder, or set the foundation with powder and thn go over with a damp sponge. and yes the product is truly addictive.
    @shreya - the good thing about all lotus products is they do not harm you in any way. no it is not tht oily and it will never clog pores, because it comes off super easily, i dont even need a makeup remover to get rid of this. the oily - ness issue is something u will feel if you do not set this with powder, and wen i say it will get oily, i mean not tht ur skin will feel oily, but more tht it will look oily, and rest assured your skin wont feel any discomfort at all. also try the damp sponge trick that beautydiva reccoed. i am guessing it would work wonders in mattifying.

  5. I wanted to get this, but I was worried about it looking too ashy. Nice review.

  6. madura it is natural beige, they have three shades, and this is the in between.. the last shade for some reason has pink tones..


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