Make hair detangler at home

Wanted to make a leave in conditioner that would keep my hair happy, not be too much of a bother to find in a store or should i say across stores, and would not weigh my hair down.

I came across this video, which set me on the right path, i made the recipe exactly how the lady in the video does, with a few additions. And man do i love my leave in or what.

On the face of it , it seems like a simple recipe, she just mixed conditioner with water, and voila. But there is a lot more to it. Her proportion is pretty spot on, somewhere between 1:4 to 1:5, though the video says it is 1:3, it is far more diluted , or appears to be.

What did I change,

I mixed my aloevera gel, half teaspoon oil, conditioner, hair serum and a deep conditioning masque with a quarter teaspoon honey, and dissolved this in warm water.

PS - It is not easy to remove lumps from a spray bottle, and a lump can damage the spring action of your pump. So just mix all this up in a bowl. Add to a spray bottle, and spray away.

If you want this mixture to stay perfect for a long time, then I suggest you add a quarter spoon of vodka, wine or brandy. It works as a preservative, and do not worry it will not dry your hair as it will be super diluted.

Those who need a heavy duty conditioner, break open a vitamin e capsule in this conditioner , mixed in with some hot oil.

I have made a fairly heavy duty conditioner with vitamin e oil, aloe vera gel, oil, honey, but my hair is not feeling greasy. I have curly hair, and i spray this on my hair ends, mid length area , as away from my oily scalp as possible. And it does not weigh my hair down. My hair drinks this up. And I am reaching out for this easy to use version over the real conditioner, simply to save time. But this is not a good replacement for a heavy duty conditioner.

Happy experimenting.


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