Packing makeup for a beach trip

Sorry for the long hiatus, was in Daman , a land of alcohol, beaches and very hard water. I had to make do with minimal makeup, as it was all packed last minute, and here is what I found I just really needed, and things I could do without.

So the most basic must have is
Sunscreen - I had Shahnaz Hussain Sunscreen which is SPF 40. I shall review it soon. Its a bit of a mixed bag, thick and clay like.

Oil free moisturiser - Alphamoist by Lotus Herbals . If you have dry skin use any normal moisturiser. A day at the beach makes your skin super thirsty and on evenings out just a good moisturiser and some eyeliner and lipstick is all the makeup you need.

Cream Blush - I carried the Bharat and Doris one I had, super natural, made me look fresh and healthy every morning.

Colorbar Shimmer Bar - (for evenings out, highlighting the eyes) Its super multipurpose and works really well as an eyeshadow and a highlighter.

Oil- I used one oil to remove makeup and the same one to oil my hair that was getting more like straw everyday.

Kajal/Eyeliner- Totally optional. I carried my good old hashmi kajal for days when I looked too sleepy. Mumtaz has a good eye pencil too.

Bronzer - Jordana in classic bronze. Non shimmery, matte and no chance of discoball effect on the beach.

Lipstick - A nice pink works well for both night and day, lighten it up with lipbalm for natural looking lips or mattify the colour for an evening out.

Avoid doing a proper base, let your natural skin show through, you want to look like you are on a holiday and rested. I would advice you to stop at a nice dusting of compact as far as base is concerned. So needless to add I did not carry any foundation or concealer. No mascara either. Just used some kohl to make lashes look nicer.


  1. I really want to take a beach holiday after reading all this :)Thanks for the tips hope you had a wonderful time.

  2. yes the trip was great fun.. and i think beaches are far better in this weather. in the summer it is just too hot and humid.


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