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The 60s look

I promised a post on a broad look at 60s, but somehow I feel that would not do justice to this decade which is the closest what a lot of my classmates favoured back in college, obviously with some modifications. I do see it coming back now, and hence the post. (For this post I will not talk about films, since I will need many individual posts to cover each of the films I have chosen to cover the decade)

So what is 60s all about,
Extended eyeliner (cat eye,or just a thick line)
Bambi like lashes
Nude lips that have satiny texture (no gloss and no matte, just satiny smooth gentle colour)
Puffy hair, (a bouffant)
Peachy pink cheeks
Strong brows (to balance all the girlishness going on, and balance they did)

Sounds like a look we still see, but not together as one would in 60s, yet each of these deconstructed elements transport me firmly in 60s.

I wanted a separate post on Sharmila Tagore, but she defined 60s to a T. By the way the scarf on the head and big sunglasses was more 60s in Bo…

Makeup for the festive season

Think festive season, and sure as hell we think of dark makeup, deep shades of red, gold, black liner, but this Diwali , do something a little different. Look radiant and bright. Think more lit up and bright, glowy but fresh.

So what is this look about,

It has pale gold eyes, nice rosy cheeks, and pink gold lips.

Or green /brown kohled eyes, peachy pink cheeks with shimmer, and a berry pink or a matte brown pink.

The idea with this look is not to overpower any feature, and keep the attention to looking glowy and festive instead of deep makeup that just screams , 'i wear this makeup for every festive occassion'.

I will do a tutorial on these looks soon, but till then let me show you the different elements required for this look.

Pale gold eyes

Here i used some blue eyeliner to give definition to my eyes, and contrast with the golden shadow.I have used the shimmer bar in bronze by colorbar and faces eyeliner in navy blue. For more dramatic gold eyes, check a previous tutor…

Kajal how tos - eye care indian style

Kajal / Kohl as it is known popularly is something most indian girls and even boys grow up with. Tonnes of kajal in eyes seem to make most of my baby pictures. I grew up wearing kajal, but of course most schools did not allow kajals, or any makeup, and I went to school, scrubbed clean face, and two plaits, or a curly wavy bob. But when college happened I found myself reaching for the kajal, more and more. Partly because it was the cheap, easy to use, and just because there was always plenty of it in any dibbi or tube i bought.

So what really is kajal,
It is a mix of soot/ carbon with some oil or ghee.

What does it do,
Apart from making your eyes pop, it keeps your eyes lubricated, And cools your eyes when it contains camphor. It also helps your lashes grow thicker.

So here are a few ways to wear kajal, and different types of kajal you can get in the market.

Strong brows tutorial

The trend that I just stumbled by, and find myself loving, is the strong brow look. It is convenient for people who have thick brows and dont always get it shaped regularly(read me). It also adds a new dimension to the entire look. And somehow I am finding it super sophisticated.

Here are few trends and how tos related to the thicker brows and product recommendations as well.

I am doing a brief tutorial on how to pull off strong brows, using products that are already at home (read no brow powder).

Do a good base, and especially cover dark circles, they can take this look straight into Addams family domain. It helps if you have done your eyebrows and left them on thicker. It will be tough to get finer eyebrows to look thicker without a proper brow powder
This is my concealed darkcircles face.

Draw a thin eyeliner on your upperlid to give your eyes definition. And dust some bronzer on the outer edges. Using a charcoal pencil define your eyebrows, use short strokes, and remember to bru…

Under eye circles

Here is a quick hello to all my blog readers, there is the promised post on bollywood in 60s coming up. But that takes time to research and write. So give me some more time.

Now for a quick tip for all my blog readers,

Most eye creams tend to be super expensive, and often do not deliver. Sometimes they cost a bomb and do a fab job too, but really how often can you pay that much. So here is a quick tip. Dip a cotton ball in warm water, squeeze out excess, and dab around eye area, this helps open up pores, dislodge dirt if you give it a very gentle wipe and refresh your eyes.

Now make a concoction of a tiny dot of retinoid cream from the chemist. I used retino- A (johnson and johnson, 0.025 if you are using retino a for the first time, mine is 0.05) and himalaya under eye cream. Apply , leave for 20 mins, wipe off with a since I did a patch test and discovered I am not allergic to this) damp cloth. And sleep it off. This way you get a higher concentration of vitamin A, the lighter …