The 60s look

I promised a post on a broad look at 60s, but somehow I feel that would not do justice to this decade which is the closest what a lot of my classmates favoured back in college, obviously with some modifications. I do see it coming back now, and hence the post. (For this post I will not talk about films, since I will need many individual posts to cover each of the films I have chosen to cover the decade)

So what is 60s all about,
Extended eyeliner (cat eye,or just a thick line)
Bambi like lashes
Nude lips that have satiny texture (no gloss and no matte, just satiny smooth gentle colour)
Puffy hair, (a bouffant)
Peachy pink cheeks
Strong brows (to balance all the girlishness going on, and balance they did)

Sounds like a look we still see, but not together as one would in 60s, yet each of these deconstructed elements transport me firmly in 60s.

I wanted a separate post on Sharmila Tagore, but she defined 60s to a T. By the way the scarf on the head and big sunglasses was more 60s in Bollywood then any other time. (this is from Waqt)

But to give you a better idea of the makeup of the times, here is a shot of Sadhana

The look has been so feminine, the lipstick and girlie eyes, a break from the grown up womanly look of the 50s. The look seems to have gotten younger. The 70s were even younger, almost tailor made for the teenaged rebels.

The grown up woman also retained an element of the girlish charm, and need I say the results were gorgeous.

The beauty of the time was in the flirtatious look. Most of the women then were invariably playing rich women, and a good thing that, as a poor woman with a fancy hair do would be a little out of place in a train. Like here , where Nanda tries an indian look with bouffant hair and pale lips,

And I so do love the wide eyed look.
And here is the classy pink lipstick look, that makes the look so fresh.

PS - Notice the fringe , that made the Sadhana cut legendary, in days with basic makeup ,concealing a large forehead was a tough job, this cut added to her girly look, that was what 60s were all about while also concealing her facial flaw. Now thats what I call smart thinking. By the way is it just me, or does everyone feel she didnt get as much credit as she should have.


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