Makeup for the festive season

Think festive season, and sure as hell we think of dark makeup, deep shades of red, gold, black liner, but this Diwali , do something a little different. Look radiant and bright. Think more lit up and bright, glowy but fresh.

So what is this look about,

It has pale gold eyes, nice rosy cheeks, and pink gold lips.

Or green /brown kohled eyes, peachy pink cheeks with shimmer, and a berry pink or a matte brown pink.

The idea with this look is not to overpower any feature, and keep the attention to looking glowy and festive instead of deep makeup that just screams , 'i wear this makeup for every festive occassion'.

I will do a tutorial on these looks soon, but till then let me show you the different elements required for this look.

Pale gold eyes

Here i used some blue eyeliner to give definition to my eyes, and contrast with the golden shadow.I have used the shimmer bar in bronze by colorbar and faces eyeliner in navy blue. For more dramatic gold eyes, check a previous tutorial.

Go for rosy cheeks, somehow they freshen up your look, and make you look in the pink of health , literally. Use a cream blush as it keeps the look as natural as possible, and allows you to go a few shades darker than you would with a powder blush.

For your lips , go for a pink lip, red is my first love, but too predictable, and draws attention to itself, but you want attention distributed everywhere.
I have used a really soft pink here.. It is Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose, but you could go a few shades lighter or darker. A berry pink may be an easier to carry off with festive clothes.

Combine these elements together to look fresh , camera ready and a little different from those who have smoky eyes or deep lips.


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