Strong brows tutorial

The trend that I just stumbled by, and find myself loving, is the strong brow look. It is convenient for people who have thick brows and dont always get it shaped regularly(read me). It also adds a new dimension to the entire look. And somehow I am finding it super sophisticated.

Here are few trends and how tos related to the thicker brows and product recommendations as well.

I am doing a brief tutorial on how to pull off strong brows, using products that are already at home (read no brow powder).

Do a good base, and especially cover dark circles, they can take this look straight into Addams family domain. It helps if you have done your eyebrows and left them on thicker. It will be tough to get finer eyebrows to look thicker without a proper brow powder
This is my concealed darkcircles face.

Draw a thin eyeliner on your upperlid to give your eyes definition. And dust some bronzer on the outer edges. Using a charcoal pencil define your eyebrows, use short strokes, and remember to brush your eyebrows with a eyebrow brush, even a small toothbrush will do in case you do not have eyebrow brush. This will make the charcoal pencil strokes look blended in with the brows.

Instead of using a highlighter, dot some concealer on your browbone, this helps cover errors, and does not create a stark contrast between your brows and skin, which using shimmery products would do. Stark contrast is good on runways, but in real life, especially a day or non party look, stick to concealer.

To keep the rest of the look subtle, use a peach pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, and apply a soft pink lipstick. Et voila , you are ready to go for a brunch looking like a new you.

I also did a bright pink lip with the strong brow look to give it a trendier feel.

Do try the strong brow look, it seems particularly suited to darkhaired people.


  1. Ohhh i love it.... You look so pretty, all dewy-dewy. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Statement brows look so classic. You look gorgeous. Thank you for this post. You always have such interesting, detailed things to share.

  3. @beautydiva - thanks a ton.
    @pandora -hey thanks , planning a post on ittars soon.. i just found out that motia is known here as mogra, and yes it is available

  4. hey i do see lot of difference in your brows really did it well :)

  5. hey thanks anamika.. the thing is this trick works when i have no time to get my eyebrows threaded.. when u cant take them off...layer it on..


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