Under eye circles

Here is a quick hello to all my blog readers, there is the promised post on bollywood in 60s coming up. But that takes time to research and write. So give me some more time.

Now for a quick tip for all my blog readers,

Most eye creams tend to be super expensive, and often do not deliver. Sometimes they cost a bomb and do a fab job too, but really how often can you pay that much. So here is a quick tip. Dip a cotton ball in warm water, squeeze out excess, and dab around eye area, this helps open up pores, dislodge dirt if you give it a very gentle wipe and refresh your eyes.

Now make a concoction of a tiny dot of retinoid cream from the chemist. I used retino- A (johnson and johnson, 0.025 if you are using retino a for the first time, mine is 0.05) and himalaya under eye cream. Apply , leave for 20 mins, wipe off with a since I did a patch test and discovered I am not allergic to this) damp cloth. And sleep it off. This way you get a higher concentration of vitamin A, the lighter formulation of an eye cream/ gel helps it blend faster, what is not to like.

Do try this trick out, it costs a fraction and does a good job..


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