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Skin care in winter

Ever wondered how to manage the winters without buying a new product. I did. I had tonnes of beauty products from my summer beauty haul left, and I did not want to waste them, nor did I want a quick absorbing watery lotion that didnt protect my skin from dryness.

So here are two  ways to get more out of the existing products.

I had a St Ives lotion(Aloe and Chamomile) that made my skin feel cool , soft and refreshed. But it was falling short of keeping it dry-ness proof. Here is what I did - Mixed 4 tablespoons of lotion, with 2 teaspoons of glycerine and 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil. Voila , my very own almond body lotion, lot cheaper and lot lighter on the pocket. 
I had a gel body wash , that smelled lovely, but did nothing for me in the winters. I wanted to use the beautiful fragrance, and yet retain a rich shower cream feeling. I took 1:1 ratio of conditioner and the body wash,  added 2 tablespoons of oil/lotion and mixed it all up. If you gawked at the word conditioner, well you rea…

Fabindia Seabuckthorn Shampoo review

I always loved Fabindia for their clothes, but I only discovered shampoos through beauty blogs. I always thought that with my curly frizzy hair , I should be the last one taking a chance on my hair. But when I did discover, o what a discovery it was. Like all good indian girls , I oil my hair, and love doing it. Obviously I dont want to go out with greasy hair, but I rarely shampoo without oiling first. I have an oily scalp like I mentioned, but dry hair. So most shampoos that remove the oil also make my hair frizzier. But this one actually gives me movie star hair. And allows me rush out of the bathroom without conditioner. Magic product. Yes I thought so too. So here is the review Fabindia Seabuckthorn 
The company claims: This shampoo is made from the leaf extract of the legendary seabuckthorn plant found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas. The bio-active properties of this shampoo nourish the hair and protect it from environmental damages, leaving it shiny and lustrous. …

Makeup prep and quick makeup steps

I have done numerous posts on makeup how tos. And another one is just around the corner, but this post is about the simpler things I do before I put on my makeup. And this is for days when I have no time, so no beauty packs, no resting time and tonnes of multi tasking.

Start with a scrub, easiest and quickest way to smoother glowing skin. Wash and pat dry. Leaving skin a little damp, massage in an eye cream, and an oil free lotion or a skin nourishing gel. Do not worry if you apply a little extra, we are going to take it off in 3-4 mins by splashing some water and wiping face dry.

This will keep your skin looking dewy and hydrated, and help in blending products through. No tugging and pulling.

Now start with the makeup. I start with concealing my dark circles, this way I have time to clean up my mistakes, take off excess, or go over it with my foundation. Follow this up with an oil free foundation. I always apply a tiny dot of foundation under my eye to ensure the skin tone matche…

Aromatherapy hair spa for oily scalp

Sorry for the long disappearance. But I genuinely wanted to blog, had no time , was too tired, and by the way there was a big beauty haul , where I for a change spent on skin care products instead of the usual cosmetics that I do not use much. And I am really using products for 3-4 weeks before i review them, and here is a wonder product. And as a beauty blogger, I think I know a good product when I use it for a few weeks and it just gives better and better results.

So ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for

Grapeseed oil

So the discovery of the week is Grapeseed oil, I bought a bottle of Aroma Magic Grape Seed oil, while looking through shelves of beauty products. The bottle didn't say anything about grapeseed oil and hair, but it said it is a light oil with nourishing properties, and I was sold. I have an oily scalp and dry hair and I wanted a light oil that I could use for a head massage, and it would nourish my hair too. I mean is that a match made in heaven or wha…