Aromatherapy hair spa for oily scalp

Sorry for the long disappearance. But I genuinely wanted to blog, had no time , was too tired, and by the way there was a big beauty haul , where I for a change spent on skin care products instead of the usual cosmetics that I do not use much. And I am really using products for 3-4 weeks before i review them, and here is a wonder product. And as a beauty blogger, I think I know a good product when I use it for a few weeks and it just gives better and better results.

So ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for

Grapeseed oil

So the discovery of the week is Grapeseed oil, I bought a bottle of Aroma Magic Grape Seed oil, while looking through shelves of beauty products. The bottle didn't say anything about grapeseed oil and hair, but it said it is a light oil with nourishing properties, and I was sold. I have an oily scalp and dry hair and I wanted a light oil that I could use for a head massage, and it would nourish my hair too. I mean is that a match made in heaven or what.

So here is the hair spa method. And this time I can promise you it works, I have been happily skipping my conditioner for the past 15-20 days thanks to the grapeseed oil treatment pre and post hair wash. Though I am not asking you guys to do the same, its just that your hair will be soft and smooth , without conditioner. You can still use conditioner just coz you are used to, but your hair wont be crying out for it.

You will need
3 tbsp grapeseed oil
1/2 tsp olive oil
1/2 tsp sesame oil
4-5 drops carrot seed oil
2-3 drops lavender oil
2 drops clarysage oil
2 drops tea tree oil (if you have scalp infections or dandruff)

(Double the recipe if you have long hair, my hair is just below the shoulder)

Warm grapeseed and olive oil over a water bath.Add in carrot seed, lavender and clarysage oil. Mix this well and massage in your scalp. Sesame oil tends to be thicker, so add this to the oil mix after you have applied the oil mix to your scalp. You want deep treatment for hair ends, but not overly sticky scalp. So keep sesame oil as a treat for your hair ends. Apply oil on your hair ends.

Using a blowdryer, go over your hair roots and ends, to provide the heat to help the oil absorb better. Keep your dryer at moderate heat, medium heat that wont scald your scalp, but give you a warm feeling. Run blowdryer across your hair, and cover your hair in a showercap to keep the heat working the moisture in.

Shampoo off with a mild shampoo or a henna pack (just henna powder, amla powder and water is good). If you are feeling indulgent, go the whole hog and indulge in a henna hair spa.

Follow this up a teaspoon of aloevera gel mixed with green tea , apply this in place of a conditioner, only on your hair ends (add a few drops of grapeseed oil if your hair feels dry after henna or shampoo).

Use cold water/ or cold green tea as a last rinse. Do leave some gel behind, no need to wash it off completely.

Basically any thick oil makes hair stick to my scalp, and makes me a greaseball in no time, but I do love the idea of a oil massage for the scalp. Also my hair ends are dry, and I want an oil that can take care of that.

One thing is for sure this nourishes my hair and scalp. My hair is silky and no frizz atleast so far. So try this out and let me know how it goes. I know getting the ingredients might be a bit tough, but all the ingredients are loaded with nourishing properties and work well on skin as well as hair. They multi task, and this oil mix, without the rich sesame oil, can be used as a hair serum too(just dont warm the oil up). Now who would guess.

Carrot seed oil also works wonders on your skin and seems like a wonder product.

PS - Before any hair treatment, ensure you get rid of all the hair buildup.Wash your hair a day before the spa, for goodness to truly enter your hair. If you do have dirt and /or product buildup use a clarifying shampoo.


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