Fabindia Seabuckthorn Shampoo review

I always loved Fabindia for their clothes, but I only discovered shampoos through beauty blogs. I always thought that with my curly frizzy hair , I should be the last one taking a chance on my hair. But when I did discover, o what a discovery it was. Like all good indian girls , I oil my hair, and love doing it. Obviously I dont want to go out with greasy hair, but I rarely shampoo without oiling first. I have an oily scalp like I mentioned, but dry hair. So most shampoos that remove the oil also make my hair frizzier. But this one actually gives me movie star hair. And allows me rush out of the bathroom without conditioner. Magic product. Yes I thought so too. So here is the review Fabindia Seabuckthorn 

The company claims: This shampoo is made from the leaf extract of the legendary seabuckthorn plant found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas. The bio-active properties of this shampoo nourish the hair and protect it from environmental damages, leaving it shiny and lustrous. I love all things herbal, but seabuckthorn in himalayas.. That piqued my interest, and I found myself buying this. 

 So here is how I use it. I mix a little shampoo with some water (always dilute shampoos, even if you want them to take the oil off. ) I apply this to my scalp and massage well. I ensure I dont shampoo the ends, because however mild the shampoo, it is meant for removing oil, hair ends could do without stripping off the oil. I leave this shampoo on my hair for a while, say 3- 4 mins , if I have oiled my hair heavily, or wash off in a minute if I have not. 

 So after raving about this so much , here are the pros: 
  • Stays true to the claim of removing oil, without causing dryness. 
  • Gives me squeaky clean hair. 
  •  Removes oil, dirt and grime. Leaves my hair smelling lovely, (I hate fruity smelling hair, so this is the perfect shampoo with herbal and spicy smell.) 
  • Though it takes off all the oil from my hair, it doesnt make my scalp super dry neither does it make conditioner mandatory.(I know I am encouraging bad habits, you should always always condition.But still what is good is good.) 
  • A little goes a long way. 
  •  Perfect for those who always oil their hair before washing. 
  •  Has not given me dandruff, but has not controlled it either, but then it doesnt claim to be an antidandruff shampoo. So it is not a con. 
  • Makes my hair look voluminous, as they are not greased down on my scalp. 

 After making this product sound like magic, could I have cons, yes yes. Talk about striving for perfection. Cons:
  • If you do not use oil or dont have an oily scalp then the shampoo can feel a little drying. Especially a day after shampooing without pre oiling , I find my hair a little dry. (Nothing that serum or oil cannot remedy) 
  • Availability is an issue- I have seen it only at Fabindia outlets. Would like to see this in other stores as well. 
  • Makes my ends drier if I mistakenly apply it on them. 
  • The bottle could be a little nicer looking. This one looks too plain. 
  •  Personally I feel this one always needs to be diluted, atleast till you get a sense of just the right amount for your hair. Just by itself it can make conditioner mandatory. 

 Overall verdict: If you oil your hair religiously, or have an oily scalp, this is the perfect shampoo for you. It is super reasonable, at 225 rs a 275 ml bottle this is cheap. You just need very little shampoo. Watch this space for a herbal boost to this shampoo. 

Btw why does seabuckthorn grow in Himalayas.. hmm.. also does anyone know the local name for this. 


  1. I oil my hair heavily too .. should give this a try after my current shampoo ends. Thanks for the review.

  2. Wow. Sounds like my ideal shampoo!

  3. @shreya- me too , i plan to oil frugally, but i cant stop myself.. after years of oiling my hair i still dont know when i have taken enough...do buy this, it really works on oiled hair ,and doesnt make it super dry..
    @nivedita- yep despite my perfectionist tall orders , this is my favourite shampoo so far.. the other shampoo that took off oil and give me film star hair was a vidal sasoon one , and came in a maroon bottle. i hear it has been discontinued.. why o why... but this is cheaper, and a bit more natural.. does contain sles.. but i believe in chemicals too


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