Makeup prep and quick makeup steps

I have done numerous posts on makeup how tos. And another one is just around the corner, but this post is about the simpler things I do before I put on my makeup. And this is for days when I have no time, so no beauty packs, no resting time and tonnes of multi tasking.

Start with a scrub, easiest and quickest way to smoother glowing skin. Wash and pat dry. Leaving skin a little damp, massage in an eye cream, and an oil free lotion or a skin nourishing gel. Do not worry if you apply a little extra, we are going to take it off in 3-4 mins by splashing some water and wiping face dry.

This will keep your skin looking dewy and hydrated, and help in blending products through. No tugging and pulling.

Now start with the makeup. I start with concealing my dark circles, this way I have time to clean up my mistakes, take off excess, or go over it with my foundation. Follow this up with an oil free foundation. I always apply a tiny dot of foundation under my eye to ensure the skin tone matches.

Next I apply my cream blush, and use a big fluffy powder blush to set it with powder and use some skin toner taken on a cotton wool to dab on my face to remove the chalkiness of powder.

Eye makeup and lip makeup depends on my mood, products at hand and above all, the occassion.


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