Skin care in winter

Ever wondered how to manage the winters without buying a new product. I did. I had tonnes of beauty products from my summer beauty haul left, and I did not want to waste them, nor did I want a quick absorbing watery lotion that didnt protect my skin from dryness.

So here are two  ways to get more out of the existing products.

  1. I had a St Ives lotion(Aloe and Chamomile) that made my skin feel cool , soft and refreshed. But it was falling short of keeping it dry-ness proof. Here is what I did - Mixed 4 tablespoons of lotion, with 2 teaspoons of glycerine and 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil. Voila , my very own almond body lotion, lot cheaper and lot lighter on the pocket. 

  1. I had a gel body wash , that smelled lovely, but did nothing for me in the winters. I wanted to use the beautiful fragrance, and yet retain a rich shower cream feeling. I took 1:1 ratio of conditioner and the body wash,  added 2 tablespoons of oil/lotion and mixed it all up. If you gawked at the word conditioner, well you read it right, conditioner has been known to lock in moisture, and it emulsifies, ie mixes with oil easier. So it makes your body wash a lot richer and a lot more smoothening.


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