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Quick makeup for tired skin - Makeup tutorial (Photo friendly makeup)

So many times we have to go out when we are tired , sick , or just not up for it. It is easy to layer on tonnes of makeup to conceal the tired skin, but the more tired you are the lesser makeup you should use. Caking on makeup can often look patchy on dehydrated skin.

I though I should share with you the makeup I go for on days I am in a hurry and could do without meeting people. A day to spend sleeping. But murphy's law exists and how. So here is a tutorial for the look I go for when I want to go out.

The party quick fix for tired skin

I have disappeared more or less, two reasons, lot of work, and too many dos to attend. Work hard, party harder. But amid much ado, I realised a super quick fix and a product that I cannot do without. And I am really proud to say that I made this product with things I had in my closet.

Ever noticed how a clean and glam skin sets the tone for your makeup and allows you to get away with next to no makeup at all. Rings a  bell. Like it or not a good base is something you cannot skip, and unless you are genetically blessed with glowy skin, that glows 365 days a year.

So here is how I do it. The first step is always to moisturise, on a good day, I use a aloe vera gel for 10 minutes or so as a mask that lets me do my thing, and then wash up, to reveal skin that has sipped on water, juice and all healthy drinks in the world. On a bad day, well I just wash and moisturise with any moisturiser I can get my hands on. I am currently using Lotus Alpha moist.

The second step is to spray some water r…

Surfing the net for a beauty fix

As a beauty blogger, I often find myself browsing websites, I would be lost without these guiding lights. And what better place to share my favourite beauty websites, than my very own beauty blog.

Hollywood beauty secrets- When I want to what did famous hollywood celebs  or international models wear to a particular big do and how I can incorporate a part of that look so that I do not look OTT. This is where I go. It has the best tips and techniques discussed and has a casual conversational vibe. Its not too cutesy, neither does it talk down to its readers.

Trends of the moment - If I ever want to find out which trend has made a comeback, what drugstore product deserves to be in my closet and what are a few wacky beauty tricks that can make me look pretty in a jiffy I reach out for a cosmo.The Indian cosmo site on the other hand does not get updated in what seems like generations and that is bad news for any beauty and fashion oriented magazine. The Indian Vogue website used to be my go …