Surfing the net for a beauty fix

As a beauty blogger, I often find myself browsing websites, I would be lost without these guiding lights. And what better place to share my favourite beauty websites, than my very own beauty blog.

Hollywood beauty secrets- When I want to what did famous hollywood celebs  or international models wear to a particular big do and how I can incorporate a part of that look so that I do not look OTT. This is where I go. It has the best tips and techniques discussed and has a casual conversational vibe. Its not too cutesy, neither does it talk down to its readers.

Trends of the moment - If I ever want to find out which trend has made a comeback, what drugstore product deserves to be in my closet and what are a few wacky beauty tricks that can make me look pretty in a jiffy I reach out for a cosmo.The Indian cosmo site on the other hand does not get updated in what seems like generations and that is bad news for any beauty and fashion oriented magazine. The Indian Vogue website used to be my go to once upon a time, now a lot of their pages are restricted access and I am not yet willing to pay for a subscription for what other sites give me free.

Beauty reviews -  This site , known popularly as IMBB, has reviews of every product under the sun. They are informative, honest and very upfront about products. What I really like about IMBB is they always declare when some sample was sent by a company for consideration. To me that is a sign of honesty. And beauty reviews should be honest to be helpful. Another website that has a stock of beauty reviews, but is my go to for home remedies, and how tos is a site that is called wiseshe.

Expert makeup advice - When I have a more pointed query, or know exactly what area I need help on , I find myself checking out Lisa Eldridge's blog and video tutorials. I have seen almost all the videos, and though most of the products she uses will not be available in India her technique is fun to watch and she gives great insight on the effect colours and textures have on your makeup. Michelle Phan makes her videos fun and memorable, very teenybopper kind, but in a nice way. I watch her videos for how friendly and fun the makeup seems.

Expert advice for Indian looks - No list of beauty fixes would be complete without this. Atleast mine would not. This blog has not been updated since July, and I am eagerly awaiting a kick start to this blog. This blog not only decodes trends and fashion mag covers, but has nice tutorials on how to do the look at home, how to get products to multitask and some nice celeb makeup artists interviews, bios. I truly miss the blog.


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