The party quick fix for tired skin

I have disappeared more or less, two reasons, lot of work, and too many dos to attend. Work hard, party harder. But amid much ado, I realised a super quick fix and a product that I cannot do without. And I am really proud to say that I made this product with things I had in my closet.

Ever noticed how a clean and glam skin sets the tone for your makeup and allows you to get away with next to no makeup at all. Rings a  bell. Like it or not a good base is something you cannot skip, and unless you are genetically blessed with glowy skin, that glows 365 days a year.

So here is how I do it. The first step is always to moisturise, on a good day, I use a aloe vera gel for 10 minutes or so as a mask that lets me do my thing, and then wash up, to reveal skin that has sipped on water, juice and all healthy drinks in the world. On a bad day, well I just wash and moisturise with any moisturiser I can get my hands on. I am currently using Lotus Alpha moist.

The second step is to spray some water right in the beginning on damp skin. I find water is what helps me keep my look dewy. And guess what water doesnt cost a penny.
Then I reach out for my all in one foundation cum skin highlighter (which has been my go to product for the party season.) And dot it all over my face and blend. If you need heavier coverage, use a foundation before using the highlighter.

Dab on blush , lippie or gloss or both, eyeliner or mascara or both. And you are good to go. If your skin is oily, do dust some transclucent powder to set the face.

I noticed highlighters tend to be super expensive,and most of the time do nothing for your skin. So here is my quick fix of an at home highlighter

You need
Shimmer powder (time to use the oh too shimmery blush that you got as a gift but never used)
Alcohol (I used vodka, but if you have alcohol that can be used for chemical or surgical purposes that is good)
Liquid foundation (easier to blend)
Moisturiser (as a base)
Essential oil (vodka or any alcohol can leave a strange smell on your face.)

Take some of the shimmer powder (or break a shimmery blush with a warm knife. A warm knife is also a sanitised knife, and cuts smoother.) This is a good time to use that broken blush you have been hoarding.

Add a few drops of glycerine, and mix to a smooth paste.

Add one teaspoon of vodka/alcohol and mix it up.

Quickly add one teaspoon foundation and three teaspoons moisturiser (Need to be quick as ingredients mix better before the alcohol evaporates, add another teaspoon of alcohol, it serves as a preserving agent too and kills all the bad bacteria.).

Mix this well. ensuring it has blended seamlessly. Add a few drops of essential oil, I added two drops of lavender oil. If you have dry skin , add 4-5 drops of almond oil because alcohol has drying effects on skin.

The alcohol is what keeps the cream feeling light, allowing it to mix and evaporating sooner, so that you can put on the rest of your make up.  This works a little like a primer and makes makeup go on smoother. Not to mention the shimmer is subtle and gorgeous.

No need to use an expensive foundation for this, a cheap one works just as well.

Products I used
Maybelline powder blush in (apricot flush)
Lakme invisible foundation (04)
Lotus Alpha moist
RK's Lavender essential oil
Smirnoff vodka (I had only this at home, but I always prefer putting on skin what I would put in my stomach, wink wink)
Glycerine from the local chemist.

PS - I have oily skin, and most products I use were used keeping in mind the oily skin, please feel free to reach out to me if  you want to use this fix for a different skin need.  Dry skinned beauties, please do add some almond or similar light oil to the mix and use a heavier/ richer moisturiser.

Photos coming soon.

The ingredients, sadly i forgot the foundation.

Swatch of the blush by itself, (too shiny)
 The finished product
 The product blended on my hand


  1. Nice tips. This would be so handy in winter, the party season for us! How are you btw?

  2. @nivedita - i am doing good.. this is indeed very helpful , and i find it prevents me from looking too dolled. i definitely need to do a tute for how to make.. and how to wear shall follow in due time.. how u doing.. btw loved ur look with false lashes and red saree, very classic..


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