Quick makeup for tired skin - Makeup tutorial (Photo friendly makeup)

So many times we have to go out when we are tired , sick , or just not up for it. It is easy to layer on tonnes of makeup to conceal the tired skin, but the more tired you are the lesser makeup you should use. Caking on makeup can often look patchy on dehydrated skin.

I though I should share with you the makeup I go for on days I am in a hurry and could do without meeting people. A day to spend sleeping. But murphy's law exists and how. So here is a tutorial for the look I go for when I want to go out.

I start with my homemade skin highlighter, and dot it all over my face, i take about 2-3 tiny dots of this for my face. I find it easier to add some more to my skin later, then to take it off. 
I take two to three drops like this size.

This is me with just the highlighter on. You can notice how the light reflect of my cheeks, nose, forehead. it is the highlighter at work. 

I then apply some blush , and if you notice, I apply a little extra blush. On days when you are feeling down, a little blush can instantly brighten the look. In the photograph below , I have just dabbed on some deep pink blush, and though it looks OTT.  It wont in the final photos once I am done.

Apply a small dot of highlighter on your cheekbones and blend using a brush. Blend blend blend. This will subdue the blush with natural looking shimmer, and your cheeks will look super healthy, plus your blush will be well blended.
I use my blush brush to  apply and blend the highlighter. You can notice the brush looks a little spikey, it is from a bit of water and the highlighter mixed together and picked on the brush.

Now for the eyes, stay away from black or deep brown, they can make you look a lot more ill. When I am sick  the first place people notice is the eyes, and therefore I stay away from black liner , or deep brown liner/shadow when I am sick.

Start with dotting some silicone based foundation on your eyelids, this smoothens the lines, and serves as a primer /concealer all rolled in one. I used Revlon Colorstay mousse foundation . Then loaded a moistened  (angular blending)brush up with some golden blush, (the Maybelline new york apricot flush is perfect for wet applications.)

The idea is to give a  soft line, that lets me do away without an eyeshadow. If you have golden eyeliner all the better for you. Stick to shimmery liners, since they reflect light and make your eyes appear brighter than they are.  Use a mascara if you must. I skipped it just so. Btw do not forget to blend some golden shadow in the inner corner of your eyes,  drawing  a sideways 'v' , to make eyes look larger. If you have small eyes, use a flesh toned pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes.

Now for lips, I have used a combination of a plummy colour and peachy colour to balance it out. When you are unwell , you do not want lips that scream for attention, neither do you want dull or deep lips that make you look like the living dead. Stay away from deep browns, deep plums, maroons. Tone down oh so bright oranges with a plum, or maroon, or a bright pink with a brown.

Here are the results. The kohl you see in my eyes has been applied the day before, and it is home made kohl that hardly budges from its spot unless I put some eye drops or massage my eyes with oil.

Btw did I mention that this look photographs beautifully. The shininess of this look and the creamy satiny lippy look keep the look chic, fresh and sophisticated. Notice that with my oily hair tied up, the look still manages to freshen my face up.


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