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Recreate the 1930s look- Bollywood style

Sorry for the long hiatus of sorts, and for a change I have been writing , it is just that what I wrote is published somewhere else. I did a post on makeup in 1930s in Bollywood on IMBB. You can read it here.  Please do read it before you read this post so you know what I am talking about. And decided that  I need to do a post on recreating this look. Though like with any decade's look , this one needs you to do it one step at a time.
Here is Zubeida from Alam Ara, the first ever talkie.

This is Shanta Hublikar a marathi film actress, i think she did some hindi films too. However she typifies the makeup and costume of that era very beautifully in this picture, so though technically she is not a bollywood person here she is.

So if you were to recreate a 1930s look bollywood style, without looking like you stepped out of a period film, here are some key elements you could incorporate one at a time in your look.  This would keep your look modern without making you look over the top.

Makeup to an Indian Music Concert or the Classic Indian Look

For those who looked at the teaser and wondered what is going on, is she just plain lazy, too bored to do a full fledged post. Well the truth is I wanted to see if people still connected the same images with beauty.

Okay without further ado, the second image is that of Suhasini Mulay from a film by Mrinal Sen called Bhuvan Shome. She was a young teenager back then, played a simple village girl from Kathiawad. She personified, simple rustic village belle to a T, without being over dramatic like most hindi films show village belles to be, think Hema Malini in Sholay.

See what I mean , the difference is huge. Though I do love Hema Malini, its just that the look I am discussing is a little understated.

With the music concert season in full swing , and numerous other cultural events on our radar I thought I should share certain beauty staples for the Indian makeup that can ensure you fit into the cultural event where you go.
So here are few key tips, eyes are the mainstay of most of these…

Guess the next post's topic

Sorry for the long hiatus, but was working on some posts, and have something underway, but this time i am going to let you guess, and let you wonder. Here are some images that are connected to the post,

Do try guessing.