Makeup to an Indian Music Concert or the Classic Indian Look

For those who looked at the teaser and wondered what is going on, is she just plain lazy, too bored to do a full fledged post. Well the truth is I wanted to see if people still connected the same images with beauty.

Okay without further ado, the second image is that of Suhasini Mulay from a film by Mrinal Sen called Bhuvan Shome. She was a young teenager back then, played a simple village girl from Kathiawad. She personified, simple rustic village belle to a T, without being over dramatic like most hindi films show village belles to be, think Hema Malini in Sholay.

See what I mean , the difference is huge. Though I do love Hema Malini, its just that the look I am discussing is a little understated.

With the music concert season in full swing , and numerous other cultural events on our radar I thought I should share certain beauty staples for the Indian makeup that can ensure you fit into the cultural event where you go.

So here are few key tips, eyes are the mainstay of most of these look, so whether you layer on the kohl a  la Shubha Mudgal, or have a barely there freshly scrubbed look with strong brows you need to get some eye makeup ready. 

Products you will need

Brow powder and wax (if you go for the strong browed look and have slightly sparse brows.)
A sheer foundation (if you can do without one all the better)
A highlighter (if it is an evening do)
Neutral lippie  or a deep red (preferably no pinks)

The key to this look is to look like you have been doing all the traditional beauty rituals all your life. So start with a freshly scrubbed skin. It pays off in this look as this one does not layer on foundation, in fact if you can completely skip foundation all the better. But if not , use a liquid formula that is easy to blend and looks very natural. Mineral makeup is a good option too.

I have a tiny trick while doing eye makeup when pressed for time, I apply some eye cream, a bit extra to be honest and give it 2 minutes or so to sink in. Then I just take a moist cotton pad or tissue and wipe it off. This not only smoothens the skin around your eyes but gives you a rested and moist eyed look. In case you are using traditional kajal, and dont want it to smudge, apply it before you apply eye cream, so that it is easier to get rid of the smudged kajal. By the way the smudged kajal looks just as gorgeous.

Skip eyeshadow, and if you are feeling totally bare, just apply some eyeliner and smudge it.

Fill in your brows (use a mix of brown and black to fill them in, just plain black looks too stark and fake, you could also use a bit of grey and brown if  you are fair and cool toned.)

It is important to do the eye first so you can balance the rest of the face accordingly. If you have gone heavy on your eyes just apply a nude lippie to even out your lips. (please no gloss) A touch of blush followed by a dusting of transclucent powder or compact if you feel you need some more coverage and you are good to go.  A mild dusting of highlighter on your cheekbones would take this look right into a sophisticated evening of music.

Wear  a nice piece of jewellery, traditional, tribal, or eclectic and you are good to go. And if going totally indian do not skip the bindi , it adds a total traditional look. Though I have skipped it on numerous occassions.

I had worn this look to an early evening concert, and as a result had a light line of kohl in my eyes, but as you can see, the eye cream has made my eyes look fresh and shiny.


  1. That was an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it a lot :D

  2. you look so beautiful and fresh here Supriya!! great look and write up! :)

  3. @tanveer and sukanya - thank you both of you.. glad u liked it..


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