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Sunsilk Yellow Review- Old wine in a new bottle

I share a love hate relationship with this one, yet I never manage to stop using it. It is one of the cheapest products on my bathroom shelf, and yet I have been reaching out to it a lot more.
Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Sunsilk.
Image taken from the Sunsilk India homepage. Sunsilk was the shampoo that most Indian kids growing up in the 80s -90s thought was the absolute secret of soft hair. Most of us were allowed to use it once in a way as a treat (at other times we either used the shikekai soap , or a  shikekai powder called silkesha) and then we could not get over how lovely our hair smelt. I remember an aunt with particularly glossy hair used sunsilk black, which tends to be a fave for me too. There is something about that packaging that gets me to buy it. The pink is attractive looking and smells nice, but does nothing for me. The hidden find is the sunsilk yellow(it is called dream soft and smooth). It is said to have eggs in it. But I will get to that part a…

Smoky eye made easy : Makeup for romantic dinner a deux

I was earlier ashamed of myself being a beauty blogger, who obsessed over beauty and makeup.  But never ventured into the smoky eye look. The only place I wore bright colours was on my lips, and I was beginning to tire a bit of the bright lip coupled with minimal makeup  look. So I dec ided to risk a smoky eye. Though at the outset let me clarify that I cannot draw a straight line with even the best of eye liner brushes. I even tried those felt like liner tips. But it could not help my shakey hands.
So that was what had kept me from attempting a smoky eye, I wanted a smoky eye , not a messy or a punched in one. But when I came across a video that simplified the smoky eye, I was more than game to try it on.. This is the video that made smoky eye look easy, and made not being precise with application of liner or shadow the in thing. I mean after all isn’t smoky eye  about a lived in look. So here is what I did, but will start with what I used. By the way I followed her advice word for w…

Aroma Magic Grapeseed oil review

This oil seems to single handedly have given a competition to oliveoil. Though that does not mean I love my olive oil any less, but I have to appreciate what grapeseed oil does.  If you want to know more about grapeseed oil, you can see a post on hairconditioning using the oil that I did a while back. Now on Rentu’s request I am reviewing the grape seed oil I have.
A few months ago I brought a bottle of grapeseed oil, from New Beauty Centre, largely because I had read about how grape seed oil is great for oily skin and so on. Funnily nowhere on the Aroma Magic website could I find a mention of grapeseed oil. So that’s an interesting discovery that they have not updated their website in months. Also their changed packaging is not updated on the website.
Here are the product details
Quantity – 120ml Price- 230 Rs (I got it a bit cheaper because I got it from New Beauty Centre ) Shelf life- it is valid for  a little less than 2 years What it claims – A sweet light vegetable oil , with nutty …

Eureka moment

I would generally wait before I shared with you guys any kind of news about a new home remedy discovered, but this is just to good to not share. So here is what happened. I had finished my dabba of aloe vera gel in making the clove pack, to be honest there was little left to start with. I had a spare dabba of aloe vera gel, because you never know when you may need it, to style hair, soothe burning chaffed skin, to condition and what not. But I did not want to open the dabba.

So voila in comes our super star of the day, month , year,

I was already using my cucumber gel dabba to fight my blackheads, which had been multiplying due to me cutting down on clay packs and scrubs  due to winters. I just took a tad bit of gel in my hands, a pea sized amount, added a drop of grapeseed oil and a few drops of water and scrunched my hair with it.

And voila, no frizz, my hair just dried to perfect flowy curls. It was such an aha moment that I had to share it with you guys, and I realise that cucumb…

Blemish fighting gel pack for oily skinned gals

Winter is a very difficult month for oily skinned girls, such as me, my skin is dry, and yet it is oily. But the tragedy of winters is such that I cannot reach for a clay mask. So here is a quick route out. And I must say it was fabindia's clove gel mask that gave me this smart idea. However I wanted to retain a slight amount of clay in this mask.