Aroma Magic Grapeseed oil review

This oil seems to single handedly have given a competition to oliveoil. Though that does not mean I love my olive oil any less, but I have to appreciate what grapeseed oil does.  If you want to know more about grapeseed oil, you can see a post on hairconditioning using the oil that I did a while back. Now on Rentu’s request I am reviewing the grape seed oil I have.

A few months ago I brought a bottle of grapeseed oil, from New Beauty Centre, largely because I had read about how grape seed oil is great for oily skin and so on. Funnily nowhere on the Aroma Magic website could I find a mention of grapeseed oil. So that’s an interesting discovery that they have not updated their website in months. Also their changed packaging is not updated on the website.

Here are the product details

Quantity – 120ml
Price- 230 Rs (I got it a bit cheaper because I got it from New Beauty Centre )
Shelf life- it is valid for  a little less than 2 years
What it claims – A sweet light vegetable oil , with nutty aroma , thin in consistency is easily absorbed by the skin.  It is an excellent moisturizer and nourisher and has astringent properties to tighten and tone the skin, address acne and other problems.  A useful oil for a relaxing massage for a tired body.

The product is a wonder product simply by being grapeseed oil . I mean really how much can I rave about what a blessing it is to have this oil in my beauty drawers.  I shall not rave, but review it well.

  • It  is the best skin oil for oily skinned gals. It has never broken me out and I have seriously oily skin.  (I generally don’t have acne issues, just an odd pimple and some blackheads are problem areas. )
  •   It does lead to glowy skin. I used this for a week and had a much better moisturized skin at the end of it.
  •   It gets absorbed very easily in my hair and on my scalp
  •   It multi tasks , I use it as a serum on my hair, mix it with some aloe vera gel to soothe my skin, and it works and being a light oil mixes very well with other oils.
  •   Perfect night time treatment for oily skinned girls.  Moisturises , nourishes and does not break you out.
  •   It will last you a long time as little goes a long way .
  •   Great multitasking product, cleansing, moisturizing, shine serum
  •   Perfect for head massage, oiling my hair or using while doing a cleanup at home.

  • While on my face, it is not heavy, but not exactly super light. So that’s a con. But like I said it wont break you out.  I find that if I apply it to damp skin, it absorbs much better.  So if you want to use this on your face, make sure you wash your skin thoroughly and leave it damp.
  •   Did not really tighten my pores, I have used it for a month or two now.
  •   Has not reduced my blackheads or prevented further occurrence.  Since the product claimed to have astringent properties, I was expecting it to reduce blackheads, but that is like expecting nothing less than a miracle.  Yet just so you know it does not do this.
  • The price, I think the oil is a bit too expensive. I would think it should not cost more than say 180 Rs. At its current price I am paying 2 rs per ml, and I find that a bit steep for a base oil.
  •   Just because the oil is light doesn’t mean you can go overboard and not look greasy. You need to get used to how much your skin really needs.  And I find this oil works best on damp hair and damp skin.
  •   I love this oil, but I think the bottle makes some tall claims, like astringent and toning properties of the oil. Maybe it should clarify that if mixed with tea tree oil , or eucalyptus oil, it may address your skin problems like large pores, slight acne better. I am not too  happy with the sweeping claim made.
  •   If you have acne, I suggest you consult your doctor before slathering on any oil on your skin. It is oil afterall.
  •   If you have dry skin, this oil may not really be  enough for you, it may just be a bit too light. I suggest you skip this oil.

A strange thing is, I used to use grapeseed oil by a brand called Breathe, and that was a very thick and viscous oil. No idea why the difference. But both were good grapeseed oils. I don’t remember the price of the previous one to compare. But I feel it was not as expensive.

Is it worth the buy – I do find it a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth a buy. Especially more so if you are a novice to using oils for beauty purposes, then this oil, which is lighter than most others, say olive oil even almond oil, might be a good starting point.
I seriously wished that the bottle did not mention it had an impact on acne or that it would reduce my pore size. 


  1. nice review, good to know about grapeseed oil.

  2. Hi, I'm from Vietnam. I have oily skin and the current weather in Vietnam is very hot, usually 35o - 40o. I read the light and grape seed oil with oily skin are intending to try. I have just read, you use almond oil skin at night, so the pale almond oil and grape oil, fast-absorbing oils and lighter. What oil should I use more?

    1. hi hanul, really nice to know that i have readers all over.. from what little i know of vietnam, i am told it is humid place and i think hot and humid climate can wreak havoc on oily skin. i personally find grapeseed oil really light, almond is a bit heavier. if you blending both of them, then mix 4 parts of grapeseed oil with one part of almond oil.
      But two things you might want to do to ensure your skin doesnt get too oily, always apply oil on damp skin, so as soon as you wash your face, just dab your face lightly and then apply oil.
      In the morning, wash your face with warm water and using a wash cloth, wipe dry and try to remove all extra traces of oil from skin.

    2. Thankyou so much, maybe I will try grapeseed oil.

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