Eureka moment

I would generally wait before I shared with you guys any kind of news about a new home remedy discovered, but this is just to good to not share. So here is what happened. I had finished my dabba of aloe vera gel in making the clove pack, to be honest there was little left to start with. I had a spare dabba of aloe vera gel, because you never know when you may need it, to style hair, soothe burning chaffed skin, to condition and what not. But I did not want to open the dabba.

So voila in comes our super star of the day, month , year,


I was already using my cucumber gel dabba to fight my blackheads, which had been multiplying due to me cutting down on clay packs and scrubs  due to winters. I just took a tad bit of gel in my hands, a pea sized amount, added a drop of grapeseed oil and a few drops of water and scrunched my hair with it.

And voila, no frizz, my hair just dried to perfect flowy curls. It was such an aha moment that I had to share it with you guys, and I realise that cucumber gel made my hair happier than aloe vera gel. No clue why.

By the way a lot of local brands , such as Brihans, Dr Jain's, Gaythri Herbals make gels.

Thrilled with the results, I checked out cucumber for its health benefits and if people have used cucumber on their hair before. Turns out they have. I mean yes there is a 'Yes to cucumbers' line of products, but just good old cucumber or cucumber gel , without any conditioner mixed . Thats different right.

I even read a tip somewhere that said just plain cucumber juice is great for hair. So this weekend , that is what I am trying, just good old cucumbers juiced and applied on my head.


  1. hey where did you get the grapeseeed oil from, which brand is it, can you do a review on the same.

  2. hey rentu, i got the aroma magic grapeseed, it is available at most beauty stores that stock aroma magic products. in mumbai , new beauty centre, beauty centre et al stock it. i will definitely do a review on it soon.

  3. do let me know how the cucumber juice helped your hair. i am waiting to try it out, by the way i really love your writing and reviews. am all of natural products and i am glad i found my way here :)

  4. @coral crue - i just tried the cucumber juice on my hair, and it was super conditioning. i just apply , leave it for 20 mins, and wash it off. no shampoo , no conditioner. and it made my hair soft and shiny. so totally recco u to try it. thanks for the lovely compliments on this blog.

  5. thanks so much, so sweet of you to let me know :) i will try it too. it's a great tip. have a nice weekend

  6. @coralcrue - hope it is not too late to remind you to strain the cucumber juice, it does seem like an obvious step , but we beauty bloggers get lazy too.. if u dont strain it , tiny bits of cucumber get stuck in your hair, and then u have to shampoo it off defeating the point..


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