Smoky eye made easy : Makeup for romantic dinner a deux

I was earlier ashamed of myself being a beauty blogger, who obsessed over beauty and makeup.  But never ventured into the smoky eye look. The only place I wore bright colours was on my lips, and I was beginning to tire a bit of the bright lip coupled with minimal makeup  look. So I dec ided to risk a smoky eye. Though at the outset let me clarify that I cannot draw a straight line with even the best of eye liner brushes. I even tried those felt like liner tips. But it could not help my shakey hands.

So that was what had kept me from attempting a smoky eye, I wanted a smoky eye , not a messy or a punched in one. But when I came across a video that simplified the smoky eye, I was more than game to try it on.. This is the video that made smoky eye look easy, and made not being precise with application of liner or shadow the in thing. I mean after all isn’t smoky eye  about a lived in look. So here is what I did, but will start with what I used. By the way I followed her advice word for word, but since I am not so sure if  what I am using will last a long time I had to a bit of prepping. Also this is one of the smoky eyes that uses least number of products.

Products used
Eye cream (to prep and moisturize my lids, I mean imagine dry lids and smoky look, scary scary)
Nyx concealer (as a concealer to even out the tone on my lids as well as to serve as a primer, since a lot of beauty bloggers have raved by it.)
Loose powder (so that cleaning up after the smoky eye is easier)
Chambor black eye pencil
Faces  Eyeshadow Quartet (forest)
Vov Liquid liner in black
Maybelline colossal volume mascara

 Keep facial wipes handy, to correct any errors, or remove fall out.

Start with using a light eye cream(the Himalaya Under Eye cream is light enough, and super cooling ) and massage it well , it wont do to have smoky eyes on stretched tired skin.  Let the cream soak in for 2-3 mins, and wipe it off with a moist tissue , damp cotton pads or a soft moist hanky.  Be super gentle, and ensure you use a damp cloth/ tissue or cotton ball always, you do not want to irritate the sensitive eye area.

Then dot some concealer and blend, apply sparingly, you can add more if you want, taking it all off is a bit of a pain. Dust a bit of the loose powder, to  draw off the oil from the lids. Draw a thickish line with the black eye pencil and don’t forget to draw a thin line in your crease, you can blend this for a nice 3D element to your eye makeup. 

Since this was the first time I was doing a smoky eye I wanted to not go super dark, also I was a bit tired, and did not want to line my lower lash line, which can sometimes make you look a little racoonish ,in case you are looking a bit tired. So I blended the pencil using my fingers to give a uniform wash of charcoal. Then went over the wash , concentrating on the lower lid. Now take some eye shadow on  a regular eyeshadow (see if u can get a denser) brush, and just dab it on. The oiliness of the pencil gets the shadow to stick, and you get long lasting smoky eyes.  

Make sure to blend the line marking the crease off.  Use an angular blending brush

Use a cleansing wipe to correct any mistakes, often fall out due to eye shadow or smudging occurs while doing a heavy eye makeup, use a gentle cleansing wipe or just plain cleansing milk to clean the errors.
Now draw a thin line with your eyeliner closest to lashline to give a bit of definition. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara.  
Inspired by this post I went with Green , next time I grabbing violet.
If you are a smoky eye newbie, try keeping your eyebrows threaded, and light. Balance the look with pink blush , blended well and a rosie pink lipstick. 

Sadly I had some pics that were a step by step tutorial, but my camera card just died on me, so if i can revive it soon, will do a photo tutorial. Though the video is a great step by step tutorial in itself. Here are the results, 

The first image was taken after the 3-4 hours of applying makeup. So you can see the edges are smudgier, and the smokey eye is not as dark. But it still manages to retain its smoky effect, so thumbs up for the video tutorial that made a lovely smoky eye so easy to achieve. 

This image has a darker smokey eye, largely cause it is that freshly applied makeup feel. 


  1. step-by-step tutorial is always helpful :) loved the look

  2. hey shalini, thank you for the compliment, will upload a photo tutorial for the same shortly. i am generally not tht great with tutorials, but i shall try and do more tutorials on the blog.

  3. @varsha - thanks , hope it helps.. let me know if it does..


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