Night time beauty regime

On the occasion of women's day, let me just start by saying as women we work twice if not ten times as hard to be where we are in life.

Someone said this , and i totally agree with every word there.

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, "She doesn't have what it takes"; They will say, "Women don't have what it takes"

Given that we work as hard as we do, we need our time off, time to put our feet up and rest . How do we make our time count as beauty sleeet p as well as pure relaxation. I mean you wont get the deep sound sleep if you keep waking up every half hour to put on some nourishing treatment on your face. Most beauty bloggers have a night time routine, and I thought I could share mine with you. 

I cannot stress this enough, to get that flawless skin , you must start with cleansing. Whatever your chosen method. Whether you use a facewash or do oil cleansing, this step should never be omitted. I use either the Lotus Herbals Orange peel and Alpine salt scrub or Himalaya herbals neem face wash. I am going to get my hands on a good cleansing lotion for days I dont want to go the trouble of washing my face.

Next I follow up with a 'ladies and gentlemen hold your breath'  few drops of face oil. I have a simple concoction that keeps my oily skin nourished and happy. A few drops on a damp face and I am truly nourished. Ready to wake up with healthy skin. 

Face oil
Jojoba oil- 2 tsp
Almond oil -1 tsp
Grapeseed oil - 1 tsp
Tea Tree oil - 3-4 drops (omit if you want to use on under eye area)

On days I feel that my skin is a bit too oily, or that it doesnt want the oil, I apply some cucumber gel. I alternate between oil and cucumber gel for night cream. 

On my under eye area I apply aroma magic almond under eye cream or cucumber gel or almond oil. I sometimes apply some kajal in my eyes, it gives the best smokey natural eyes, not to forget, a home made kajal nourishes your lashes and cools them as well. 

No night time care is complete without untangling my hair and plaiting it like a good indian girl. I find plaiting my hair keeps it almost tangle free in the morning. I have sometimes just undone my plaits , tied a pony and run to office without combing my hair in the morning. Thats how good plaiting is for our hair. 

I have crazy curly (read dry hair), so I sometimes massage a few drops of oil on my scalp or hair ends. Btw night is the perfect time to apply some leave on conditioner. 

Always cover your head with a silk scarf if you have curly hair and dont want to wake up with parched   frizzy hair.  Silk or satin pillow covers are a good bet if you hate the idea of wearing a scarf. 

I find that my night routine allows me to not use any soap / face wash on my face in the morning. It is just so much better to not keep stripping skin of its natural oils, just wash with warm water and dab with a towel. Btw too much soaping is harsh for your skin, your face wash is gentler, but only marginally so. It can still dry your skin. 

Let me know what your night routine looks like. Do you do anything differently or skip some steps. 


  1. Hey! This sounds nice..Cleansing and moisturising is something which I have been doing for years...recently added toning also in between. Where do you get grape seed oil? I usually use almond oil for my face and castor oil for under eye area, lips, brows and lashes alongwith homemade kajal at night. And Yes plaiting hair was something which was forgotten long back shall resume it! Thankyou!!

  2. what brands of jojoba and grapeseed oil do you currently use? are they easy to find?

  3. @nidhi - yes plaiting works. do go back to it. Toning is something i am not yet able to get myself to do, i buy a toner but forget to use it..
    @coral crue - i am using aroma magic's grapeseed oil, i have reviewed it on this blog. and jojoba oil i had got from somewhere in mohammad ali road or crawford market , so it has no brand, it is just a plastic bottle with the oil. jojoba oil is pretty easy to find, most brands make it nowadays. i had earlier used dr. jain's jojoba oil. i think aroma magic makes it too. so does a lesser known brand called aroma treasures.


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