Smokey eye look photo tutorial

Since I promised a photo tutorial on the smoky eye look, which has been a much delayed tutorial, thanks to technical glitches, truck loads of work, sleep and what not. Anyways w ithout any further excuses lets look at how to recreate a smokey eye that makes you feel like you are a makeup pro, when you are a total newbie.

Like all good recipes, this one begins with ingredients,
I used

  • Eye cream 
  • Concealer
  • Kohl pencil /Kajal
  • Black liquid liner 
  • Mascara
  • Angled brush to blend
  • Soft brush to pick the product with
  • Eyeshadow powder form

Start with applying some eyecream and letting your eye area soften. This is the key , as if your eye area is dry the concealer doesn't go on smoothly and cakes sooner rather than later.

Then dot some concealer on your eyelid and under eye area, and blend away till it merges in with the rest of your face. Btw here I am using the concealer as a primer and a concealer. 
Set your concealer with some powder if you have oily lids like me, or you can skip the powder step if you have non- oily  lids. 

Then taking a kajal pencil/ or super creamy black eye pencil draw a thick line and then draw another one in a 'V' shape, this being the foundation of the smoky eye, the V is going to be much larger and thicker. 

 Taking an angled brush, blend the creamy black liner, it is essential that the liner be creamy , so that blending becomes easier otherwise it will tug at your eyes. You can use your fingers too. I prefer using my fingers, and cleaning up any mistakes with a brush. 
So as you can see , it should look like a  wash of black, over the whole lid, with colour concentrated on the lower lid. Also am not sure if you can notice, but I have tightlined my eyes with a matte black pencil. You can line your lower lash line too, but I somehow feel it looks very OTT, and too smoky for my taste. 

Now taking a soft eyeshadow brush, just dab some eyeshadow onto your lids. The idea is to literally stick the shadow to your eyelids. This works in two ways, one , it mattifies your creamy eye pencil, by sticking to the creamy waxy texture of the shadow, and it helps to make the shadow you put on look like it is all a single colour shadow. A plain wash of colour shaded expertly. 

Let it set for a few minutes, then blend so that the look is more uniform and there are no patches of colour. 

Btw i have already worn my lippie. Since I used a vivid eyeshadow in this look and my eyebrows had grown so I darkened them up further, so that they dont look untidy.  I am skipping a black liner. But when I had freshly done my eyebrows, and used a muted green, instead of a vivid one, I did use a black liquid liner to give my eyes a definition. 

Finally curl your lashes and apply some mascara. A touch of blush and a pink lippie and you are good to go. 

Here are two photos, the first one has the strong brow and vivid colour eyeshadow. Btw I used kajal to darken my brows for this one. 

This second pic , is more about a muted smokey eye. A good bet for early evening dos, or days when you are tired and want to go easy on the makeup. 


  1. That is one great smokey eye. Thank you so much for the tutorial I'm gonna try and recreate that.

  2. hey thanks pandora, do try, and let me know. if you can do put up picks, much like you i was largely a lippie person, smokey eye is a new discovery... but i would be nowhere without online resources for makeup

  3. Wow! This looks really beautiful! More over I love green in eye makeups! So cherry on the cake!

  4. @nivedita - thanks , green has been a favourite in eye makeup for me too... planning to get inglot's forest green eye shadow ever since i saw its swatches on wiseshe... where do you get the refills from since i am not so keen on paying a bomb for the whole pack..

  5. this is really nice... green looks nice :)

  6. i know , i love green too, makes the dark brown pop..


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