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Sorry for the long disappearance, financial year ending meant tons of work. Crazy deadlines. But now I am back, and hope to write a little more regularly.

Today I am going to share with you something that I do everytime my hair is in trouble. Read dandruff, hairfall, dry and lifeless hair. Sounds like I am talking to you. Then you should probably try this tip out. Since this is a Ayurvedic hair spa, I will not lie to you and say all these ingredients are right at your home, all I will say is after some effort you will get a lovely hair mask that keeps well for 6 weeks if kept in the refrigerator.

Here are the ingredients,

Shikekai (Acacia Concinna - thank god for google searches) -a fistful-  Will find it at local kirana stores or ayurvedic stores.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) -a fistful-Dried is easier to come by, sometimes your local kirana store will stock it, mine does , but if not just go to an ayurvedic store. They may give you some amla powder. Use whatever is easier to get.

Methi (Fenugreek )- two tablespoons- Easily available in most indian kitchens. This is a magic bullet solution for hair problems.

Dried Hibiscus flowers- 10 to 12 flowers -Just buy these flowers from a local phoolwala and leave them in the sun to dry. You can use flowers used during pooja also, like i did. (Makes you eco friendly and cheap). If you use fresh flowers your pack will be just as effective but last for only 3 weeks under refrigeration.      
So here is how you proceed. 
  • Start with soaking a fistful of shikekai and a fistful of amla in 1 glass of water overnight. In the morning boil them till the water reduces to half. Using the back of the spoon mash the shikekai and amla, which will now be  all pulpy, simmer the mix for five minutes or so. Let it cool to room temperature.
  • You will also need to soak the 2 teaspoons of methi in water enough to cover it and leave it overnight. Methi literally guzzles the water and doubles up. 
  • Start with grinding the hibiscus flowers, around 10-12 of them in the mixer.  Rule of thumb in beauty products as well as cooking is start with dry grinding first, then add the soaked methi.This will make the paste smoother and easier to grind. 
  • Now add shikekai and amla water , pulp included to make grinding easier. Once you get a paste like consistency , you should stop adding more water. You can refrigerate the shikekai amla water for use as shampoo. 
  • Store in jar and refrigerate. Use whenever your scalp needs TLC. 
PS - Other than hibiscus flowers, all other ingredients photographed were not the actual quantity used.  And this is how much hair paste I got, 


  • I take no more than a tablespoon of this paste in a small katori (bowl), I have shoulder length hair, you can take more if your hair is longer
  • Mix some water, or the amla shikekai solution that is remaining. And Massage this onto your scalp. Basically this mix nourishes your scalp and tackles the problems at the root. You can apply this to your hair length the way you would apply a gel. The texture is gel like due to the fenugreek.
  • You can add this mix to your henna to make your hair colouring session nourish your scalp. 
  • Add a teaspoon of curd to this if you particularly bad dandruff situation. 
This packs works best if you have washed your hair the day before and if you just wash it off with cold / warm water.  If you must shampoo , use the amla shikekai solution. The day after this spa, you can use your regular shampoo. Though you dont really need to use a shampoo the very next day, this pack is a non greasy , oil free all natural ayurvedic goodness. And it doesnt spoil for six weeks. 

Do try this out if you have any hair problems.


  1. You mentioned on my blog that lavender+rosemary is good for sleep. Could you do a post on how you use the 2? What ratio, do you use it as a pre-shampoo overnight treatment, etc.

  2. sure poohkie. your wish is my command.

  3. since the full blown post seems to be taking time due to crazy workload, a quick ratio of how i mix, 10 drops of lavender oil, with 5 drops of rosemary oil mixed in one teaspoon of almond oil. just massage this on your temples , bridge of your nose and pulse points and you should be good to go (to peaceful sleep).

  4. Awesome post..will def try this someday! ..bookmarked!

  5. i ll try this for sure...good post

  6. @parita and ray- let me know how it goes..

    1. wow... nice home pack for hair.. i have hair fall and thinning problem.. i think this pack will be of great help. thanks!!..

  7. hello..am a new reader here...following u now..pls do visit mine n support

  8. I made this pack and got great results. Thank you for this wonderful DIY post. :) Btw I am a new blogger and am blogging about Natural and Herbal Beauty Secrets.Pls do take a look at the my blog whenever u can.

  9. hi indian belle, welcome to the world of blogging.. and i am very happy to know that you got awesome results.. very nice to know tricks that helped me, also help someone else..

  10. Thank you for the kind words... I have posted a review and feedback of this post of yours. You may like to take a look. :)

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