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Beauty tricks my mother taught me- Maroon Lipstick

The current return of lipsticks made me think about how most of my peers (beauty bloggers are an exception)swore by gloss, not touching lipsticks like ever. It was Tanveer's post on maroon lipsticks that got me thinking and putting pen to paper (albeit virtually)
My notion of beauty evolved watching my mother getting ready for work every day. I remember being in my school uniform as my mother made it a point to dress me up before she dressed up so in case she was going to get delayed, I could still go and wait for my school bus to come. Missing school bus meant missing school and being alone at the baby sitter’s wondering what to do for the whole day. Of course studying was not an option.
My mother was fairer than me, and had the same curly hair that I have. Of course she was also quick tempered mom , (I could be quite a trying child myself), so that meant, while she got ready for work I was to sit quietly, not disturb her and not drop anything to the floor , which I did a lot of. …

My first ever award

Sorry for the delay in doing an award post, but here is my first ever award, and i didnt even know how does one go about accepting it. Tch tch. That is just so bad.
 So here it is my first ever blog award. Thank you so much Supriya.
So now the responsibility for passing the award on comes to me,

I am passing it on to
Nivedita (my fellow red lipstick lover)
Sukanya (DIY and dupes wiz)
Anamika (of Wiseshe fame, soon the wiseshe baby blog fame as well)
Tanveer (i like her blog for the mix of high end makeup, reasonably priced makeup and home remedies, she has introduced me to a lot of products. )
Cynthia Z (her super helpful tutorials on eyeliners, LOTDs and what nots are very gripping, I have still not mastered the cat eye, but that is because i have shaky hands, her tutorials are super awesome)

Skin playing truant/Managing eruptions

My skin is generally a magical thing, it puts up with all kinds of crazy things, makeup , crazy food, even forgetting to drink water (oh dear no). All it needs is some basic face packs and it shines like a new penny, partly this is because it is oily and partly because it loves  some yummy face packs now and again.   But when it is one of its moods , well then there is no stopping it.  It  needs some special foods and a magic pack I rely on extensively to get it to calm a bit. 
The first thing I do when my skin is breaking out is add some amla powder or mulethi powder to the warm water I drink in the morning. I have been having the tulsi tea, which is easily available at most fabindia outlets, to avoid catching cold due to season change.

Home made cream review

So thanks to your requests I am putting down a review of my home made cream. This cream wont be available in a store near you, nor be available online for a while (I do nurture a dream of having a line of creams , balms and butters someday). But I will also share with you what goes into it so that you can make it on your own if you really think this is the cream for you.
Here is how the cream looks in its jar and swatched on my skin,

Yes it looks oilier than your store brought creams. But trust me when I say it is not oily at all.

Budgeting your beauty buys

A long time back a post by Tanveer discussed budget beauty and I thought why not try and list out how I keep my beauty expenses in check . You may spend less or more than I do , but a few tips about saving the odd penny doesn’t hurt, especially with all kinds of financial crises upon us.

1.If you need to save money or even just keep track of where it is going. Keep a list. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but easier said than done.  Here are some basic pointers for this. ·Just keep a single document for expense (products for which you have already spent the money)– preferably an excel so it will do all the additions for you . Keep adding sheets into it for each month or quarter or even type of product. I have  four sheets in mine, one is for skin care, body care, cosmetics and hair care. Anything from a parlour visit to a shampoo bought goes into this list under respective heads. ·Keep a separate document of what you lusting after- if you are dying to buy a red lipstick and already own 3 o…
Hi everyone, sorry I have done a bit of mysterious disappearing act. I should get back on track super soon, atleast manage to be on my blog every weekend.  I missed each of my readers , just hanging around, reading my ever growing blog list. Thank you everyone for hanging around.