Home made cream review

So thanks to your requests I am putting down a review of my home made cream. This cream wont be available in a store near you, nor be available online for a while (I do nurture a dream of having a line of creams , balms and butters someday). But I will also share with you what goes into it so that you can make it on your own if you really think this is the cream for you.

Here is how the cream looks in its jar and swatched on my skin,

Yes it looks oilier than your store brought creams. But trust me when I say it is not oily at all.

Here it is massaged into my skin. 
As you can tell , it has not left any oily traces. (if i may so about my own creation, it will never leave any oily traces or make your skin feel greasy because it  was made with the sole aim of not making my already oily face any oilier)

This cream contains some wonder ingredients

Cucumber Gel (key ingredient)- almost half the jar you see here had cucumber gel remaining which i used up for this cream. 
Shea Butter (just to hold it together) – a small blob
Grapeseed oil – 2 tablespoons
Almond oil – 1 tablespoon
Borax (emulsifier – helps oil and water mix and stay that way)
Vitamin E capsules – 3-4 (help preserve the cream and add some super nourishing vitamins)
Water – ½ a cup (not in the picture sadly)

How I use it,

I use it as a day cream and a night cream both. I wash my face or exfoliate if I have time, and apply it on my freshly cleansed skin. Massage it a bit till it seeps in. I then get on with getting the breakfast ready and eating it , then I just apply my Lotus Herbals Matte Sunscreen and step out. In the night, I wash my face and apply this cream, sometimes I add a few drops of almond oil to this cream for a rich treat during winters. Otherwise the cream by itself does a good enough job of keeping my skin moisturized.

At the outset let me say that I have oily skin, so if you have dry skin I don’t know how this cream will suit you.

But here are some of the pros of this product

·         It helps to know what you are putting on your face, and this cream has just one chemical ingredient i.e borax (I am excluding vitamin e ofcourse)
·         Has never broken me out, or made my face look oily (though I have naturally oily skin).
·         Keeps my skin soft and supple.
·         Very gentle on the skin, I have used it under my eyes to moisturize and I have had no problems whatsoever.
·         Super cheap – a little goes a very long way .
·         Cucumber gel makes it a refreshing light cream, while grapeseed  and almond oil nourishes skin well. Shea butter is truly a magical thing, this one is  from ebay  and was expensive to buy, so I bought a  big bag. This

Cons (Since i need to be honest about it even if this is my own homemade cream)
·         Needs to be refrigerated – given that it has just two things that will lengthen its shelf life, your guess is as good as mine as to why it cannot be stored outside.  It does not spoil immediately if kept outside, just that  its texture wont be the same and it will smell funny in a month’s time.
·         Needs to be applied on damp skin – need not be freshly washed skin, you can apply this even after you just splash water on your face. On dry skin the cream does not absorb properly.
·         Need to massage a bit for it to get in your skin, and you will feel the cream ‘sit’ on your skin for a few minutes. If you are used to the quick absorption of readymade creams, you might not like this too much. 

Next time i make a batch of this i will take pictures of it in process and do a tutorial. Or if you guys are interested I could just do a recipe to the best of my ability. Since the jar is still nowhere empty a new batch will take a while. Let me know what you would prefer. 

Here is a pic of my shea butter bag, this is how the butter came , it had a nice thick envelope around it, but no containers for half a kg of this beauty, only a ziploc bag. But i am not complaining, the butter inside makes up for everything. 


  1. that's an awesome recipe! must try it out some time :)

  2. hi supriya... just started following you... u have such a lovely blog... hope to find new DIYs.. loving them

  3. @coral crue- definitely , the best thing is u can customise each and every ingredient to suit your skin.
    @supriya- thanks so much, btw i remember you had been one of the first to request for the review

    1. @supriya
      please accept a small award as my token of appreciation for your blog. please visit the following link to claim the award http://supriyav.blogspot.in/2012/06/one-lovely-blog.html

  4. hey thanks so much for the award.. truly flattered.

  5. wow cant believe you are so creative supriya... superb post.. but i thought borax was a poison to kill insects n all???? pls enlighten me.. thanks

  6. hi ife, thanks for the complement.. boric acid is used to kill animals, more often than not ants etc, largely coz it destroys their sense of smell.. btw boric acid too is used in quite a few skin infections, like fungal infections etc, so it is not so bad. it is a key ingredient in medicated foot powders.

    borax on the other hand is a sodium compound the same thing in all detergents, though not as strong. basically is very mild , but works on the same principle of emulsification, as in theoretically if u take detergent and water and add oil to the mix, the oil will dissolve or become one with the mix, as it is being emulsified to mix in water. that is why shampoos and detergents can take oil off your hair..

    btw thanks for the question, i am thinking of discussing all the chemicals in beauty products... i am of the opinion that a lot of cosmetics get a rap for doing nothing.

  7. Landed here for the first time. Your blog is brilliant! And love that Dorothy Parker quote. :D
    And yeah, I am going to try this recipe. I have been on the hunt for a good face cream lately.

  8. hey drenched thank u so much. do let me know how this works out..btw nice to meet a fellow dorothy parker lover...

  9. hey brillient blog...
    btw frm where u got borax??? n how do u maintain shea butter???

  10. hey reena i got borax from princess street in mumbai, shea butter i got from ebay.. as for shea butter just keep it in a cupboard which is not exposed to too much heat. and once u melt any shea butter ensure u use it up in the cream or balm. basically once u melt and resolidify it , you basically destroy the texture of shea butter..


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