My first ever award

Sorry for the delay in doing an award post, but here is my first ever award, and i didnt even know how does one go about accepting it. Tch tch. That is just so bad.
 So here it is my first ever blog award. Thank you so much Supriya.
So now the responsibility for passing the award on comes to me,

I am passing it on to
Nivedita (my fellow red lipstick lover)
Sukanya (DIY and dupes wiz)
Anamika (of Wiseshe fame, soon the wiseshe baby blog fame as well)
Tanveer (i like her blog for the mix of high end makeup, reasonably priced makeup and home remedies, she has introduced me to a lot of products. )
Cynthia Z (her super helpful tutorials on eyeliners, LOTDs and what nots are very gripping, I have still not mastered the cat eye, but that is because i have shaky hands, her tutorials are super awesome)


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